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Simone Barraco “Barcelona Days” – The Shadow Conspiracy

Finally, Simone Barraco’s fresh new video he filmed in the best place in the world, Barcelona, Spain, for The Shadow Conspiracy has dropped. It is really hard to describe the level of Simone’s riding – he is going so extremely technical, but yet really wild and crazy. So much trick combos and lines i nhere and I think a few never before done moves also. The nose many hop nose many to bar was insane. But this is just one of many stunts that will make you go “WOOOW.”
Now hit play and see what Simone Barraco managed to film. You will be stoked, I guarantee you.
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Albert Mercado Bike Check

Albert Mercado has a bike check up on The Shadow Conspiracy web site showing you his current Kink Tocco II setup, that you have seen in his latest “Home, Sweet Home” video, which you can find below. This rusty bike looks solid.

The Shadow Conspiracy – Albert Mercado “Home, Sweet Home” Edit

I am a big fan of The Shadow Conspiracy’s AM rider Albert Mercado since his first video appearance from a few years back and nothing has change over the year, nor will in the future. Albert teamed up with Doeby Huynh behind the lens, and cruise around his hometown hitting various street spots and filming all bunch of super rad stuff.
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The Shadow Conspiracy – Mark Burnett “Honor Roll”

We all know Mark Burnett, right? And we all know he is killing it really hard, right? To prove all this, here you have a new web edit from him for The Shadow Conspiracy pulling some ridiculous tricks. The last 180 to ice to 180 on a ledge with a drop was a heavy move.
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Markus Manninen Welcome To Rite

Young Helsinki, Finland base shredder, Markus Manninen, started getting support from The Shadow Conspiracy and Subrosa through Rite store and this is his welcome to the team edit, filmed over the course of summer and early fall, by Jarno Jaakola.
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BMX Street Station Jam – Best Trick Highlights

Video highlights from the best trick contest that happened on The Shadow Conspiracy coffin as part of the BMX Street Station Jam that went down a couple months ago in Lyon, France. Now, I think I am going to press that play button for one more time, because so many insane moves went down and all deserve another watch. Winner was Anthony Perrin with a sick up nose manual to 180 barspin.
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The Shadow Conspiracy X The Hundreds Complete Bike Giveaway

TCU, The Shadow Conspiracy and The Hundreds all teamed up to host a giveaway to give you a chance of winning Shadows and Hundreds complete bike. A few things you need to do to enter it, but I think it is definitely worth a try.
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Repost the contest post image on Instagram using hashtag #thehundredsxshadowgiveaway.
Good luck.

The Shadow Conspiracy X The Hundreds – Cruising The City

We have seen a sneak peek, we have seen the actual bike and we also seen the collaboration T-shirt, snapback and shoes from The Shadow Conspiracy and The Hundrders, but lets watch now the bike cruising around his natural environment.

Also make sure you cruise over to The Hundreds site to read an interview with Ronnie Bonner, Scott Litel and Patrick Hill.

The Hundreds X The Shadow Conspiracy Collaboration

ESPN sat down with Ron Bonner from The Shadow Conspiracy and Scott Litel and Patrick Hill from The Hundreds to chat about the new collaboration these two brands have been working on together, the complete bike, multi-tool and a few other products. If you haven not seen this rad bike yet, watch the vid below along with the upcoming shoes, Snapback and T-shirt.

The Hunders X The Shadow Conspiracy – Multi Tool

The Hundreds and The Shadow Conspiracy are not bringing out only this amazing collaboration Complete Bike, they also did a limited run of Multi Tools, which will be available at The Hundreds’ flagship locations and authorized stockists on September 19th, 2013.