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Savakas France

Savakas France from Savakas on Vimeo.

French Savakas riders, John Garcia, Thomas Calcagno, Arnaud Malthieu and Maxime Bonfil, coming out with an absolutely amazing black and white street video. Let it be the UK team or the French team, Savakas guys always came out with something super enjoyable to watch. Hit play and check it out.
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Thomas Calcagno “Home” Edit

Thomas Calcagno – Home from Ké Lbs on Vimeo.

Thomas Calcagno with a fresh new skatepark web edit filmed at this super fun looking concrete park in his hometown of Blagnac, France. Plenty of goodness with one proper nose manual at the end. Check it.
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Figure BMX – Visite En Terre Espagnole

Guys over at Figure BMX just sent over this new video from a trip they took to Spain. Adrien Lacomte, Thomas Calcagno, Benoit Gea, Nicolas Badet, Anthony Abbadie, John Garcia, Freddy Bermond, Vincent Preulih and Maxence Oddone were they guys how went on the road to have plenty of fun and to ride streets and skatepark. I am not 100% sure, but is this Barcelona only? Well, hit play and enjoy, cause you must not miss it.
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Kingdom Store – Thomas Calcagno’s 9 Clips At Kap 686

Thomas Calcagno pedaling real fast at the Kap 686 skatepark for the Kingdom Store, while he was on a trip over in Cologne, Germany. Nose manuals, gaps and a few crashes, that’s what’s up.
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The Pavement Experiment – Trailer #2

The Pavement Experience is a German video project by Kay Beutling and Oliver Michel which will feature one of Germany’s finest riders. here is the second trailer for the DVD, showing you what to expect in the upcoming video that will drop very soon. German streets got murdered. If you missed the first trailer click here.
Featuring Jan Beckmann, Niklas Grossmann, Bjoern Elvering, Fabian Roethlisberger, Oscar Martens, Bruno Hoffmann, Janheinen, Dennis Kicza, Timm Wiegmannn, Moritz Nussbaumer, Oliver Michel, Chris Heger, Hannes Gutzeit Thomas Calcagno and Dennis Erhardt.
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The Pavement Experiment – Trailer #01

Trailer for the upcoming video that will be out in winter 2012, called “The Pavement Experiment” featuring Bruno Hoffmann, Bjoren Elvering, Fabian Roethlisberger, Jan Beckmann, Dennis Kicza, Thomas Calcagno, Dennis Erhardt and many more. Looks like Germans put a lot of work in this one.
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Thomas Calcagno For Simple Bikes

Thomas Calcagno for Simple Bike company from Oliver Michel on Vimeo.

A really good black and white edit from French Simple rider Thomas Calcagno.
“Thomas Calcagno is originally from Toulouse, France but now a real Cologne transplant. Last summer he came to study for one year. In between parties, girls, carnival and classes he spent the cold and uncomfortable winter in Cologne’s indoor facility and filmed this edit in just a couple of sessions.”– Oliver Michel.
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Simple Bikes – Thomas Calcagno

Thomas Calcagno SimpleBike edit from Toads bmx on Vimeo.

Simple Bike rider Thomas Calcagno came out with some super sweet riding at these cement parks along with a few clips from the streets also.
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Urbaner Instinkt – Thomas Calcagno

Thomas Calcagno – Northbrigade from urbanerinstinkt on Vimeo.

Thomas Calcagno from Toulouse went to Cologne for a year on a students exchange. Here is a quick welcome to Cologne edit.
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Thomas Calcagno Interview

Thomas Calcagno has an interview up on Simple site. Head over there and find out what was his biggest BMX adventure, what are his bad habits, his goals for 2011, what he thinks about triple whips and many more.