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Calling The Shots With Josh Irvine And Tim Storey

Fresh new Calling the shots web video from the people over at the Crooked World, featuring Josh Irvine and Tim Storey getting it done over at the Thornlands Skatepark in Brisbane, Australia. Hit play and see what they pulled.
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Tim Storey Video Bike Check

Tim BikeCheck from Goods Bmx on Vimeo.

Goods BMX caught up with Tim Storey to make him run you through his current Wethepeople and Eclat setup and to get a few clips filmed at the concrete skatepark for this video bike check. Tim also wears pads and helmet and so should you. Filmed and edited by Logan Reynolds.
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Tim Storey’s America Trip 2013

This summer Tim Storey took a trip to America and hit spots around California and Oregon, where he managed to film this awesome little documentary, that will for sure be a good thing to remember America. From street style flairs, to clearing big rails and pulling lines, this one was a treat.
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Dan McNamara At Woodward West

Dan McNamara spent a month or so in the US recently where he met up with Tim Storey at the Woodward West and filmed all these clips. No idea how old Dan is, but I am sure he is still a young gun and when you know all the trick in here were pretty much first go, you know Dan is no joke. Edited by Jack Paton.
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Tim Storey Edit

Australian Wethepeople rider Tim Storey just left for America, so here are the clips he filmed before he went on a trip around streets of Brisbane. Tim is a rider that you never know what to expect from, his skills are on a top level and he has no fear. Dude is a shredder.
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Alex Hiam & Tim Storey Doubles Edit

Alex Hiam didn’t have the best of luck over the past year, but now he is back once again after a hip injury. For the welcome back edit he teamed up with Tim Storey to get a few double clips filmed and what came out is more than amazing. This two are going really technical. Check out some Aussie action above.
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One Minute With Tim Storey

By now we all know that when Alex Hiam is injured, he is constantly filming clips with his mates. He met up with Tim Storey recently at his local Clevelan skatepark in Brisbane, Australia and filmed enough clips for his one minute long edit (actually 0:46 seconds).
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Lux X Wethepeople – Wilton Hedley

Wilton Hedley recently got hooked up by Wethepeople through Lux store Down Under. To say thanks for the new bike and stuff he spent a month or so filming clips around his local street and park spots and now come out with this solid clip, made by Chris and Tim Storey. Can last clip get any more crazier?
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Tim Storey Three Clips

A quick three clips edit from Tim Storey, filmed at the Underwood skatepark in Brisbane, Australia by Alex Hiam. Long icepick grind to manual to tailwhip, smith grind to feeble grind to hard 180 and long icepick grind to barspin out.

Tim Storey At Woodward Beijing

Tom Storey recently spent a few days in Beijing and he couldn’t resist not to go to the amazing Woodward Beijing for one day. While over there he filmed all this clips to show you how fun this courses are. The outside street course is absolutely amazing.
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