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Parano Garage – Introduction Retrospection

Parano Garage – Introduction Retrospection from Parano Garage on Vimeo.

Parano Garage has a little Christmas gift for you guys. They put together all the best clips from their “welcome to the team edits” featuring Eddie Baum, Carlo Hoffmann, Marc Remmert, Timm Wiegmann, Felix Prangenberg, Daniel Tünte and Bruno Hoffmann, that were filmed at their warehouse in Oldenburg, Germany. These guys are all just nuts and extremely technical.
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Marc Remmert X Timm Wiegmann Split Edit

Sport Import and SaltPlus team riders Marc Remmert and Timm Wiegmann hit up the brand new skate plaza in Bielefeld to test it out with their tires and pegs. Place looks super fun to ride and I am sure they enjoyed every second of the session.
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Parano Garage Introducing Timm Wiegmann

After 14 years Timm Wiegmann is still killing it for Parano Garage and in their newest web series called “Introducing,” he hit up ledges and rails and the warehouse and brought out some sweet tech stuff. The fakie nolie barspin was beast.
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Josh Betley And The Homies – Back To Deutchlandia

Every year Felt’s German Distributor, Sport Import, invites Josh Betley to Germany and this year he stayed there for a month to chill, to travel around the country, to ride and to enjoy every day to the fullest (even if it was a rainy day). Plenty of good riding spots in here along with clips from Josh himself, Brian Sadecki, Jacob Panzek, Dennis Kicza, Timm Wiegmann, Fabian Bader, Moritz Nussbaumer and Sergio.
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Sport Import – Best Of Mixtape

Dominik Wrobel from Woozy threw together this best of mixtape in the name of Sport Import, including all the best clips filmed over 2012 from Josh Betley, Tobias Wicke, Moritz Nussbaumer, Sergej Geier, Timm Wiegmann, Simon Moratz and many more.

Chad Kerley – Unused Clips From 2009

Great, Timm Wiegmann has even more unused footage from the year 2009. This time from young Char Kerley. Even if Chad was four years younger when this was filmed it still is amazing and ridiculous. Was he 14? Not completely sure.
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Christian Rigal – Unused Clips From 2009

I remember the bike, but I sure don’t remember if this was posted on the web before. Timm Wiegmann posted on Vimeo a few never before used clips from Christian Rigal from back in 2009, while filming for his Nike edit. It sure is four years old, but still good.
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Timm Wiegmann – Christmas / New Year Edit

Timm Wiegmann sure wasn’t resting over the holidays, completely opposite, he was shredding his local indoor skatepark. Timm have this style of a park riders, but this edit has some really technical peg moves. The first one was the one that stood out for me.
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Ratingen Session

More BMX Videos
Adrian Warnken, Timm Wiegmann and Rob Ferrett having a really chill session at this fun looking concrete skatepark/bowl in Ratingen, Germany. Well, not all tricks are chill. Seen on Freedom.

Halloween At The Platform

The Platform in Cologne, Germany gets a visit from Jan Beckmann, Timm Wiegmann and some scary people for a Halloween session. You may get scared at some points, you may laugh, but you will be definitely seeing some great riding through the whole edit.