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Timmy Theus Bike Check

Over on the Cult web site you will find Timmy Theus’ current chrome machine, so if you would like to check this dialed whip more detailed head over there.

The Bakery Secret Recipe Finals – Section 2 Of 3

The second video from the The Bakery Secret Recipe finals is here. 12 top BMX riders threw down some insane riding and here is a collection of best clips from the day. Super technical stuff, grind combos and one insane ender from Jeremiah Smith. Featuring riding from Bruno Hoffmann, Broc Raiford, Tony Hamlin, Stevie Churchill, Devon Smillie, Timmy Theus, Nathan Williams, Chase Dehart, Jeremiah Smith and Dakota Roche. Must see.
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The Bakery Secret Recipe – Practice

Oh wow, here is a dose of top notch riding from a warm up for the 2013 The Bakery Secret Recipe contest, featuring Bruno Hoffmann, Dan lacey, Broc Raiford, Sean Sexton, Tony Hamlin, Stevie Churchill, Jeremiah Smith, Devon Smillie, Nathan Williams, Chase Dehart, Timmy Theus, Dakota Roche and Corey Martinez.
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Tree Bicycles’ New England Roast

Six minutes of goodness from the Tree Bicycles crew, Timmy Theus, Brian Yeagle, Clint Reynolds and Tree owner Sam Schulte. They took a trip to New England to hit spots around the area. They found plenty of fun looking street, trails and skatepark spots to shred. This is a short little documentary to show you guys what was going on. Enjoy.
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Cult “Small Talk” Promo

The promotional video for the Cult AM full length video called “Small Talk” is here and by the looks at it, it will be one hell of a video. Featuring Steven Mack, Josh Alderete, Jayson Johnson, Floyd, Grant Germain, Stijn Staal, Luke Santucci, Iz, Andrew Castaneda and Timmy Theus. The vid will be out soon.
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Timmy Theus Cult Ad

Timmy Theus, Cult print ad

Timmy Theus bringing out his ridiculous pop for Cult’s latest print ad that you can find inside the 96th issue of the Dig magazine. I am still asking myself, who really has the highest pop in the game?

Cult “Talk Is Cheap” Full Video

Cult’s “Talk Is Cheap” video is now online and ready for the whole world to see it, so grab a cold one and watch it, in case you haven’t already. The video was in the works for two years and features riding from Chase Dehart, Chase Hawk, Dakota Roche, Alex Kennedy, Russel Barone, Bobby Simmons, Dave Krone, Trey Jones, Sebastian Keep, Timmy Theus, Lil Jon, Cody Levesque, Jayson Johnson, Shawn Swain, Floyd, Andrew Castaneda, Iz Pulido and Robbie Morales. Filmed and edited by Ryan Navazio.
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Ride With Tree On August 24th And 25th

Brian Yeagle, Clint Reynolds, Timmy Theus and Sam Schulte from Tree will be making two stops, one at Circuit BMX on August 24th and the other at 5050 BMX on August 25th. If you wanna hang out with these guys and get a session done, this is the right time.

The Level Below “Chick’n Nugg’t” – Mix 3

The third mix section and tenth overall section from The Level Below’s “Chick’n Nugg’t” video, made by Jeff Klugiewicz, is all about Tony Neyer, Sean Morr, Logan Reynolds, Jeff Wescott, Jake Geisel, Timmy Theus and Brian Kachinsky. This is solid from the first second to the last and I highly recommend you to watch it.
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Alli Sports “My Five” – Timmy Theus

Alli Sports is back with a fresh new installment in their “My Five” series, where they chat with one stylish freecoaster shredder Timmy Theus to talk about his beard, his favorite sports teams, getting in trouble for riding his bike and a lot more.
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