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SE Bikes – Behind The Scenes Episode 4

Here is the fourth and final episode of the Behind The Scenes series ESPN did with Todd Lyons from SE Bikes. Todd talks about the brand manager stuff he is doing, putting the word out, making catalogs and all other stuff to keep people all over the world updated and stoked about the job SE is doing.

Behind The Scenes – SE Bikes Part 3

Here is the third part of the four part behind the scenes series from ESPN featuring SE Bikes’ Todd Lyons giving you an inside look in the factory where their bikes are build, from welding, to paining, building wheels and building complete bikes. 50 bikes in an hour? That’s pretty sick.

ESPN “Behind The Brand” – SE Racing Episode 2

If you would like to know a little more what is cooking behind the SE Racing brand, hit play above and hear it from the brand manager, Todd Lyons. Todd is a really busy guy who spends most of his time on computer answering Skype calls and e-mails and when he is not on the computer, he is probably in Asia working on a line of bikes and products.

Todd Lyons Proposal

Now this is just amazing. Long time BMX racer Todd Lyons surprised the crowd during the interview at the finish line at Chula Vista and proposed to his girlfriend.
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