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Savakas England

It has been a while since we saw something new from the Savakas people, so that’s why I am that more stoked about their new “England” web vid. Daniel Benson, Louie Mire, Tom Blyth, Jim Newrick, Nath Rule and Joe Embrey are all featured in this black and white project and they all serve with some good riding.
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FBM – The Shit Show 4.5

FBM and Kenny Horton are back with a new installment in The Shit Show. This is the four and a half version and includes riding, crashing, crazy people, partying and drinking and all bunch of other wild stuff. Riding from Ruel Smith, Tom Blyth, Eric Holladay, Eric Hennessey, Neil Hise, Gary Ginch and many more.
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Shit Show 4

If you need a dose of fast music, crashes, weird stuff and crazy riding, this new installment in Kenny Horton’s Shit Show, that FBM just released, is something you definitely need to check out. Featuring riding from Tom Blyth, Latane Coghill, Eric Holladay, Neil Hise, Jason Anderson, Ruel Smith, Chris Neighbors, Jackson Allen and many more.
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Bustin Loose With FBM Fun Bus – Florida Shred Tour

Now this is what I am talking about. This is an exclusive footage from FBM’s Bustin Loose tour, where they packed their stuff on the Fun Bus and took a journey to Florida. Featuring Steve Crandall, Neil Hise, Eric Hennesey, Eric Holladay, Van Homan, Dillon Leeper, Kenny Horton, Mark Mulville, Trey Jones and Tom Blyth. Can not wait to get a session dona today.
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FBM “Thousand Yard Stare” Full Video

It is the beginning of the holiday spirit and to start things off, FBM uploaded to vimeo their “Thousand Yard Stare” video. if you haven’t seen it yet, you definitely need to, so seat back, relax and enjoy. Featuring Ruel Smith, Eric Hennessey, Magilla, Garrett Guilliams, Tom Blyth, Adam Guilliams, Kenny Horton, Kelly Baker, Jackson Allen, Darryl Nau, Dave King, Ryan Corrigan, Steve Crandall, Evan Venditti, Stew Johnson, John Lee, Paul Horan, Eric Holladay and many more.
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Mellon 7’s – Tom Blyth

Between shredding his bike and playing in his death metal band, Tom Blyth found some extra time to get this quick interview done for us. Find out what Tom thinks about the BMX community, what was his worst injury and more after the jump.
Also need to give shout out to his band, Parasitized, an epic, wrathful, destructive death metal from Hull, England. I think I did crime, because I find out about his band just last week. But better late than never I guess.
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Tom Blyth Bike Check

QBMX did a bike check with FBM’s England shredder Tom Blyth. If you would like to find out what he rides, you need to click on this link and check it out.

FBM – Road Trip To Texas Part 2

FBM just dropped the second part of their Road To Texas trip. This time they hit the streets and get down some serious riding. Featuring Tom Blyth, Neil Hise, Garrett Guilliams, Eric Holladay, Latane Coghill, Zac Costa and Kenny Horton.
In case you missed the first part, click here.
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FBM – Road Trip To Texas Part 1

Here is the first part of FBM’s trip to Texas, stopping in Tennessee and Arkansas visiting trails and skatepark spots. Featuring Tom Blyth, Kenny Horton, Eric Holladay, Garrett Guilliams, Neil Hise, Jackson Allen, Eric Hennessey, Latane Coghill, John Tillman, Zac Costa, Brian Foster and more.
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Props Issue 74 – FBM Roadtrip

If you are bored and it’s raining outside and you don’t feel learning or doing your homework like me, then here we have the FBM Roadtrip video from the Props Issue 74. Featuring Adam Guilliams, Tom Blyth, Joel Barnett, Kenny Horton, Garrett Guilliams and Steven Crandall getting tons of really really amazing things done in and around New England. Seat back, relax and enjoy.
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