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Josh Schwarz – Unfinished Edit

Well, where to start, it sucks that Josh Schwarz broke his collar bone and two ribs on the last clip. The filming for his full web edit had to be cut short, but still, in just two days of filming, Josh nailed down quite a lot of big tricks. Josh is from Australia so you know how things go. Hit play and wish Josh a fast recovery. Filmed and edited by Tom Brown.
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Chris Nicol 2013 Edit

Lately, things are getting really ridiculous down under. We already posted so much insane edits from Australia over the past couple of months, but they keep dropping. Chris Nicol is the next guy who is shredding his bike really hard. He teamed up with Tom Brown and filmed this piece over the course of three months at a few different skatepark. Double truck to tuck no-hander, barspin to tuck no-hander to footjam and many more moves that will blow you away.
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Dean Anderson Edit Part 2

When an edit starts with a barspin to footjam toothpick you just know it is going to be really technical and wild and these are exactly two things that are describing Dean Anderson’s new web edit best. Crazy skills Dean has with both big tricks over jump box and tech coping stuff. Enjoy. Filmed and edited by Tom Brown.
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One Session With Luke Parker

Luke Parker and Tom Brown decided to start filming for a new web edit, but since they got so much really crazy good footage in just one session at the Rampfest indoor skatepark, they threw together all the clips for this edit for Luke’s sponsors Fox and Failure. Triple tailwhips, superman tailwhips, flaris, flrontflips and much more. Hard to believe they really filmed all this in just one day. Must see.
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Daniel Macey 2012 Edit

“Daniel Macey “Squeak” and I started filming for this edit around 6 months ago and have just got these clips over this time, he is one of the most underestimated riders I have ever met and so dialled. He does not own a helmet so you will probably notice about 5 different helmets he used from other people over this edit haha, we also had a few more tricks that wanted to be added to this but we decided just to wait for his next edit!”– Tom Brown
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Tom Brown & Nick Axtens Edit

Tom and Nick – Clips from Tom Brown on Vimeo.

“Just clips me and Nick have got over time, we were both going to make our own separate edits but couldn’t be bothered filming anymore clips so we just decided to put them together. These clips were filmed over about 6 months and most of Nicks clips are from the start.”– Tom Brown.