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Tom Dugan Fit Lookbook

Tom Dugan was just added to the Fit team and here is a lookbook of him building himself up a new S4, some random photos and two of Tom flying high in the sky.
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Tom Dugan On Fit

“I first met Tom Dugan when he was on a trip through Salt Lake. I showed up at the Fairmont Park with my son and he was instantly Owen’s best friend. Needless to say, Tom ripped the place a new atmosphere and left a lasting impression. Since then, I’ve seen his name pop up more and more and am always amped on the way he rides and seems to go way higher than anyone. Sometimes you meet people you feel you knew in a previous life… things just click and make sense; I definitely feel that way with Tom. I think he’s a perfect addition to FIT with his, ‘I don’t give a f@#k’ attitude and free spirit. I feel like I speak for the whole F-IT! family when I say ‘Welcome brother!'”-Mike Aitken, Fit

T-1 “Spanish Roast”

T-1 ” Spanish Roast “ from joe rich on Vimeo.

“As sort of a “farewell” to Tom, we bring you this . . . Tom Dugan and I visited Ruben at home in Malaga back in May of this year. We both happened to be in the UK at the same time, and Spain was just too close to pass up. Ruben always seems to have some new, wild spot that he has been working on. He roped us both in with tales of green valleys, that are home to giant dirt curvatures. Yeah, we had to go see for ourselves. What is it with Malaga and these spots anyhow ?! Thank you Ruben for the great days we shared…”– Joe Rich

A Day In The Life With Tom Dugan

This is definitely something for all you Tom Dugan lovers. Here is 14 minutes video from day in the life with him from morning till evening, getting to his friends house, eating, getting tattoo, bowling, riding and a lot more. Enjoy.

Tom Dugan And Mike Aitken At Texas Toast Jam

This is big, really big. Tom Dugan and Mike Aitken going through the trails at the Texas Toast Jam. Why this is so big? Because it is the first time for Mike riding in a contest since his injury and just watch how the crowd and Crandall and Nau are going nuts. Thanks to CHD4treanor for making this short clip.

30 Minutes To Tom Dugan

30 Minutes To Tom Dugan from Issac on Vimeo.

Tom Dugan filmed this one for Terrible One in only 30 minutes riding some backyard ramps. He definitely knows how to do big airs.

New Tom Dugan Photos On Odyssey

Over at Odyssey they made a little update on Tom Dugan’s team page, with freshing it up with a bunch of new photos.

Tom Dugan On Mark The Shark

this one goes out to mark! from tom dugan on Vimeo.

Tom Dugan is imitating Mark the Shark because he says that Mark’s explanation at the start of one video is so funny. Tom always surprises!

Tom Dugan & Aaron Ross’ Simpel Session Greetings

Tom Dugan & Aaron Ross Simpel Session greeting from Simpel Session on Vimeo.

Here are two videos from Tom Dugan and Aaron Ross that were on the big screen during 2011 Simpel Session explaining why they couldn’t come to the contest. Read more for the second one.
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