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Odyssey Hunter Green And Bronze Colorways Available Now

Odyssey added two new colorways to their 2013 line, the hunter green and bronze. These two colors have been added to the Chas Hawk’s C-512 sprocket, Tom Dugan’s TDFL stem, Sean Sexton’s SXTN stem, Evo 2 brakes, monolever and antigram hub. Hit you local shop, or favorite mail order if you dig them.

Odyssey Tom Dugan Grips Available Now

Tom Dugan’s signature grips from Odyssey are available now, so contact your local shop, or favorite mail order and get a pair. These feature a fatter design across the heavy wear areas. Par ends included.

Tom Dugan Bike Check

Odyssey made a fresh new bike check with Tom Dugan an his fit TD350 setup in black. Flip through the flipbook and check out this clean and dialed looking unit along with a photo of Tom boosting a massive air and one of him meditating.
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4Down – Fit Dugan 1 Complete Bike Unboxing

4Down Distribution is back with a fresh new product video of the week series, where they are reviewing the Tom Dugan signature Fit complete bike in Dr. Pepper inspired red colorway along with Tom boosting some big airs.
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School Your Boy With Dan Conway

If Fit says you gotta watch this, than you really need to watch this. Dan Conway is a street machine, but when it comes to clearing a dirt jump, he isn’t the right name for it. On a recent trip to Arizona with Tom Dugan, Jared Swafford, Troy Blair and Travis Cordova he decided it is time to step it up and voila, here is the result.
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Tom Dugan Fit Ad

Tom Dugan and the bigger version of his signature Fit Dugan bar are featured in the latest issue of the Ride BMX magazine. Tom boosting some serious air on this print ad.

Empire BMX – Argentina Vacation 2013

Empire BMX recently sent Tom Dugan, Aaron Ross, Kevin Porter and Devon Hutchins to Argentina for a vacation. They sad that this was one of their best trips ever, they rode with locals, threw down demos and spent most of their time riding some amazing street spots. Aaron and Kevin went pretty technical with their riding, when Tom nailed down some massive gaps.
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Fit Dugan Bar In Chrome

Looking for a bigger bar? Looking for a chrome bar? Today is your lucky day, Fit dropped Tom Dugan’s signature Dugan bar, 8.45″ rise, in chrome. You can still pick this one in red, black and green.

Full Factory Distro’s March Madness Jam Highlights

March Madness Jam – More BMX Videos

Here is more stuff from the recent Full Factory Distribution’s March Madness Jam, featuring Tom Dugan, Eric Lichtenberger, Gary Young, Shawn McIntosh, Jim Bauer, Raul Ruiz and many more. You don’t see Gary Young riding brakeless every day.

Full Factory Warehouse Sale Session

This past Sunday Full Factory hosted a big warehouse sale and also organized this rad little session at their ramps with riders like Tom Dugan, Eric Lichtenberger, Shawn McIntosh, Gary Young and many more. Everyone who came sure had a good time.
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