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Odyssey – The 316 House

This is a quick Devon Hutchins documentary, that documents a three months period at the 316 house in Austin, Texas where Tom Dugan, Jared Swafford and Mat Houck live, along with Aaron Ross and Jabari Winters who are constantly hanging out over there. There is always something fun going on over there, so I am sure these guys are never bored.
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Simple Session 2013 Qualifying Highlights By Freedom

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Have you watched any of the highlights from the Simple Session 2013 qualifying yet? I am sure you have and you will do it one more time, because I know you get stoked every time. Technical and wild stunts from Brian Kachinsky, Kyle Baldock, Todd Meyn, Kevin Peraza, Anthony Perrin, Tom Dugan and many more.
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Odyssey Sean Sexton And Tom Dugan Oil Slick Stems Available Now

The long awaited Odyssey Sean Sexton’s top load and Tom Dugan’s front load stems in Oil Slick colorway are available now. There will be only 300 of each available worldwide and each one is numbered. You think you can get the number one?

Tom Dugan Bike Check

Flip above to check Tom Dugan’s current Fit ride. He is running his signature TD350 frame and signature bar, mixed with Odyssey parts. If you know what bike makes Tom air so high, check above.
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Fit – Tom Dugan Needs Bigger Bars

I never know what to expect when I see a new edit or promo, especially promo, of Tom Dugan. Tom gets scared, crashes, finds out that he needs a bigger bar, gets frightened by a shark in a toilet and drives around town with crazy things happening to him. After all, it was just a dream and this is a promo for his signature Fit bar. It comes in matte black, green and red to match his TD350 frame. Find more on the it’s product page.
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Fit Crew At Glendale Skatepark

Fit’s Tom Dugan, Dan Conway, Jarred Swafford and Troy Blair recently spent some time in Arizona with filmer Stew Johnson, where one of the stops was the Glendale concrete skatepark. All pretty much showed their amazing skills with a few standouts, but the last one is definitely one of the craziest.
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Walter Pieringer Is New Odyssey & Sunday Team Manager

Odyssey and Sunday have worked with Walter Pieringer on several project through the years an today they are proud to announce him as their team’s new manager. Read below, what some of the riders has to say about Walter.
“Hell Yeah!! Walter knows best, trust me.”– Tom Dugan
“That guy is multi-talented, in many ways. And he is a good dude.”– Eric Lichtenberger
“Couldn’t be more stoked, I have a good friend as my new team manager. Looking forward to continuing to travel and work together more!”– Aaron Ross
“Walter is one of those individuals that happens to be amazing at whatever he puts his mind to. Giving him the reigns to guide the Full Factory teams is going to be an adventure to say the least. I am excited to be a part of it.”– Gary Young

Austin Scene Report By Charlie Crumlish

Charlie Crumlish giving you his version of the Austin, Texas BMX scene, by cooking together this edit with all bunch of street and skatepark riding from Aaron Ross, Devon Smillie, Tom Dugan, Charlie himself, Jared Swafford and more. Last line from Jared is ridiculous.
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DC Shoes Brett Banasiewicz Jam Photo Gallery

TCU posted a photo gallery from Brett Banasiewicz’s Benefit Jam at Rye Airfield last weekend, shot by Scott Marceau and Nick Jones. We have already seen the video from the jam, now make sure you also check out this gallery.

Brett Banasiewicz Benefit Jam Highlights

This past weekend the Brett Banasiewicz Benefit Jam took place at the Rye Airfield in New Hampshire, hosted by TCU. Jam was a huge success, besides the big number of riders that came, to shred those ramps, rails and ledges hard, they also raised $5,000. Click play and check what went down.
I need to write about one more thing, the air from Tom Dugan at 1:13 is unreal.
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