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Tom Dugan In New Volcom Commercial

Tom Dugan is one of the actors in the newest Volcom commercial where they are promoting the new range of zip hoodies. Actually this is pretty cool, even if there isn’t any riding in it. All you Dugan fans out there, prepare yourselves, well not really, there is not much exciting stuff in it.

2012 Texas Toast Jam Dirt & Street Finals

2012 Texas Toast Finals – More BMX Videos

Vital’s highlights from the dirt and street finals at 2012 Texas Toast Jam that took place this past weekend in Austin, Texas featuring Dennis Enarson, Chad Kerley, Ryan Nyquist, Corey Martinez, Corey Bohan, Tom Dugan, Chase Hawk, Mike “Hucker” Clark and more.
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2012 Texas Toast Jam Dirt Finals Highlights

Highlights from the 2012 Texas Toast Jam dirt finals that went down this past weekend featuring Dennis Enarson, Mark Mulville, Ryan Nyquist, Gary Young, Anthony Napolitan, Tom Dugan, Chase Hawk, Mike “Hucker” Clark and more. Seen on Ride.
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Etnies X Blackout Tour

Etnies teamed up with Blackout Distribution and took Aaron Ross, Tom Dugan, Tony Hamlin, Geoff Slattery, Jay Roe, Colin Varanyak, Joseph Frans, Sean Sexton and Alex Magallan on a New England tour. Almost eight a half minutes of crazy good riding from the whole crew. Must see.
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Odyssey Interbike 2012 Parts

Odyssey posted photos of their latest and greatest parts that are currently shown at the Interbike 2012. Click here and check Tom Dugan’s signature stem (above), Springfield brakes, Sean Sexton’s stem, Mike Aitken’s grips, Eric Lichtenberger’s Sandbar and more.

Tom Dugan Odyssey Texas Toast Jam Ad

Tom Dugan going ridiculously high out of a quarter pipe as usual, for Odyssey’s latest print ad to promote their upcoming Texas Toast Jam. This ad can be found in the newest issue of Ride BMX magazine.

Tom Dugan Fit Ad

Fit’s newest print ad that can be found in the 20th anniversary issue of Ride BMX featuring Tom Dugan turning it down for his signature line of products.

Etnies – Quit Looking At Me

Etnies sent Aaron Ross, Nathan Williams and Tom Dugan on a trip to India to see what the country has to offer. Eleven minutes of amazing and unbelievable shots from these three, while searching for spots and making their way through Mumbai and Bandra. This is such a good watch and I am sure you won’t get bored not even for a second. Must see.
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Odyssey TGif – Aaron Ross & Tom Dugan

The new installment in Odyssey’s TGif series features Aaron Ross and Tom Dugan from the recent Odyssey Linear Quik-Slic Kables promo. Aaron riding through Dugan’s house during a jump rope session.
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Tom Dugan Bike Check

Go through the above flipbook to check out Tom Dugan’s current red Fit TD350 21″ setup mixed with Fit and Odyssey (mostly) parts.
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