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Fit Nor Cal Rail Trailer Tour

Fit is sending Dan Conway, Tom Dugan, Shawn McIntosh, Josh Smith and Jared Swafford on Nor Cal Rail Trailer tour where they will be hitting seven different shops. For more info check the above flyer.

Fit – Tom Dugan X Signature Series Promo

A little, or should I say a big, promo for Tom Dugan’s Fit Signature Series complete bikes with the man himself domination spots around his home town of Austin, Texas. Duganator goes extremely high, does a 540, crashes into the wall, cruises around bowls and uses roof as a playground. Must see.
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Blackout X Etnies Tour

Blackout and Etnies have teamed up for a tour, where they will send Geoff Slattery, Tony Hamlin, Aaron Ross, Joseph Frans, Colin Varanyak, Sean Sexton, Tom Dugan and Alex Magallan to the east coast to hit a few stores. Check above flyer for more details and make sure that you go to any of these shops on that exact date, if you live somewhere near.

X Games 2012 Through The Eyes Of Crooked World

“In this latest episode of the The Crooked World we see what happens to Kevin Robinson when he loses a Super Bowl bet to Scotty Cranmer and has to pay up at X Games. We also see the likes of Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Daniel Dhers, and more taking their competition skills to the X Games setups. From the schoolyard street course to the concrete park, and up to the vert ramp all the best highlights from the week right here.”NetworkA
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Sean Sexton & Tom Dugan On Rockstar

After yesterday’s news that Garret Reynolds and Simone Barraco joind the Red Bull team, here is now one more. Sean Sexton and Tom Dugan signed with Rockstar that they will be representing from now on.

Odyssey TGif: Tom Dugan – Tree Hop

Odyssey’s newest in the TGif series features Tom Dugan jumping over a fence through a tree. All this happened on trip he went to with Odyssey around Southern California (where he jumped over every fence at every park they went to). This is one big gap.
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Fit Tom Dugan Frame In Green

If I am correct, the first sneak peek of Tom Dugan’s signature TD350 frame from Fit was in this exact same green color. They just announced now that it is now available for you to buy along with the already available red, black and raw.

Tom Dugan “Born To Roam” Poster

Tom Dugan’s roommate Levi got a little creative and made this poster of him that Fit will be from now on giving away with Tom’s signature TD350 frame and Clubman bars. Check full picture after the jump.
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Healing With Tom Dugan

This video shows what Tom Dugan is doing during the rehab time, what is he thinking and it also shows the crash that took him into medical coma for two days, at Metro Pipe in Madrid. Get well soon Tom.

“The view and opinions expressed in this video are those of Tom Dugan and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of etnies &/or its affiliates or employees. This video is provided solely for informational purposes. The video does not constitute medical or legal advice, and is not intended for use in the diagnosis or treatment of individual patients or conditions, or as a substitute for consultation with a licensed medical professional. The mention of any company, product, service, or therapy mentioned in this video does not constitute an endorsement of any kind by etnies or Tom Dugan. etnies and Tom Dugan assume no responsibility for any injury or damage to persons or property arising out of or related to any use of this video or to any errors or omissions.”Etnies
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Tom Dugan Fit Ad

Fit’s this months ad for BMX Plus! magazine features Tom Dugan boosting a huge 360 at trails in Ecuador. This guy can go really really high.