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Tom Dugan Bike Check

Tom Dugan send a few pictures of his current red TD350 (signature frame) bike setup with his signature Fit Clubman bars to the Fit guys and they made this quick bike check.

Ice Cream With Aaron Ross & Tom Dugan

Meet Aaron Ross and Tom Dugan this coming Friday, March 16th from 1-3 pm at Empire BMX in Austin and eat ice cream with them.

Tom Dugan In Space

Tom in Space from FITBIKECO. on Vimeo.

Tom Dugan went “out of this world” to promote his signature Fit TD350 frame and Clubman bars. This is funny and Bryce J. Rich did a good job with doing a not-a-usual promo.
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Fit Clubman Bars

Yesterday Fit released a flipbook showing all the specs of Tom Dugan’s signature TD350 frame and today it is time for Tom’s upcoming Clubman bars. I really thought that this bar will be much higher.
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Fit Tom Dugan “TD350” Frame

It has been a while since the announcement of the upcoming Tom Dugan signature Fit TD 350 frame. Finally Fit put together this flipbook with some closeup shots and sepcs.
“Tom wanted a stiff, strong frame he could count on every time he took it into orbit. From the double gussets at the head tube, to the low profile wishbone in the back, this frame is built to go fast and blast off.”
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Fit – Trippin Ecuador

Fit – Trippin Ecuador from FITBIKECO. on Vimeo.

This week is definitely the week of amazing and unbelievable edits. Above is eleven minutes long edit of pure fun and amazing riding from the recent Fit trip to Ecuador with Tom Dugan, Justin Inman, Cristian Porras and Shawn McIntosh. To bad that Van Homan was deported o the arrival. Enjoy.
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Tom Dugan Fit Bike Check

Above is a flipbook that shows Tom Dugan’s current raw Fit TD350 frame (his signature). The frame is still prototype and in the testing method, but I am sure you can expect this one out soon.
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RideUK Classics – Tom Dugan Interview

Head over to RideUK and read their new “Classics” interview with Tom Dugan.
“Reading over his interview, I worry that people might get the wrong impression of Tom – to be honest, I feel like he may come across as a bit of a jerk in the text. You’ll have to trust me on this one, though – he’s not. The key to understanding Tom Dugan is knowing that he is never, ever serious. While he is undoubtedly supremely confident, he’s in no way, shape, or form cocky – he just thinks it’s really funny to pretend that he is.”– Walter Pieringer.

Eat Children Mixtape #3

Eat Children Mixtape #3 from shizee on Vimeo.

A new Eat Children Mixtape, no. 3, featuring Alex Moore, Mozzie, Tom Dugan, Levi Jackonia, Liam Zingbergs, Sam Waters and more.

Tom Dugan & Eric Jacobs Shred Kansas’ Cret

“This is a quick edit I shot and threw together for my dudes Eric Jacobs and Tom Dugan. All shot in about three hours in Wichita and Derby, Kansas. Hope you enjoy! Shot and edited by Nick Stout, and featuring an original track by Jeff Evans entitled “hftugyu.” Let’s all consider this Tunney’s one day of rest in the blog.”– Nick Stout, ESPN.
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