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The Hunt 2012 – Daniel “Lil-D” Martinez

Daniel “Lil-D” Martinez and Tommy Blanco filmed one solid street part for The Hunt 2012 and here it is now for your viewing pleasure, as part of Ride BMX’S Monday edits. Filmed and edited really well and Lil-D getting grinds, gaps and other moves done with his stylish riding, what makes this one enjoyable video.
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Jeff Cadger Edit

Jeff Cadger and Tommy Blanco came out freaking solid with this new web edit. Jeff is destroyed every single spot in this edit with his no-fear style of riding. The crooked grind to hop over 180, that long double peg grind straight into an icepick grind and last toothpick hangover grind, damn. Must see.
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Chris Bracamonte’s End Of Summer

If you would like to get a good protion of nose manuals and nose manual combos, whips, grinds and some gaps, Chris Bracamonte’s End Of Summer edit is definitely for you.

“Recently picked up by Dave Mirra’s own Mirraco bikes, Chris Bracamonte has been hard at work this summer combing the streets, parks and school yards of southern California in search of new territory to explore and shred. His persistence for riding every chance he gets in between work, trips with his new sponsor, and hiding out from the summer heat, allowed Chris to compile an entire section of new footage for the above video. Check it above and be sure to look for more from Chris in the coming months.”– Tommy Blanco, ESPN
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BSD’s Jeff Cadger Returns To Los Angeles

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“It’s been a pretty busty year for Jeff Cadger. He recently came off shoulder surgery and made the move back to Los Angeles to start his own brand of “physical therapy” in the streets, school yards and skateparks. Recently, fellow midwesterner and BSD team manager Tony Malouf took notice of Jeff’s burly/tech riding style, adding him to the U.S. pro team. And for the past few weeks, Jeff and the BSD team have been traveling throughout the UK for the BSD summer tour. I’m sure we’ll be seeing an official BSD welcome edit coming our real soon from his time over there. But for now, Jeff doesn’t hold anything back in the above edit. You might even say that he manages to take the “E.T.” technique to some new street territory.”– Tommy Blanco, ESPN

ODI Interlude – Hunt Skatepark

Watch ODI riders, Tony Malouf, Josh Alderete, Ryan Costa, Tommy Blanco and Jeff Cadger, taking a break at one of Riverside, California’s finest skatepark, Hunt Skatepark.

Tammy McCarley “Today” Edit

“Today we head out to the San Diego area to meet up Amity/Coalition pro Tyler ‘Tammy’ McCarley, and sessions various spots in his area. Just a few months off of knee surgery, which had taken Tammy out for over a year, he is back into full-on production mode”– Tommy Blanco, ESPN.
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