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The Bakery Secret Recipe – Section 3 Of 3

Get the third and final dose of madness from The Bakery’s Secret Recipe contest featuring Jeremiah Smith, Tony Hamlin, Bruno Hoffmann, Stevie Churchill, Devon Smillie, Broc Raiford and more. Once again, every single rider shredding this part of the skateparks killed it really hard. Enjoy the stuff.
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The Bakery Secret Recipe Finals – Section 2 Of 3

The second video from the The Bakery Secret Recipe finals is here. 12 top BMX riders threw down some insane riding and here is a collection of best clips from the day. Super technical stuff, grind combos and one insane ender from Jeremiah Smith. Featuring riding from Bruno Hoffmann, Broc Raiford, Tony Hamlin, Stevie Churchill, Devon Smillie, Timmy Theus, Nathan Williams, Chase Dehart, Jeremiah Smith and Dakota Roche. Must see.
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The Bakery Secret Recipe Finals – Section 1 of 3

The first video from a contest that was held over at Brian Kachinsky’s The Bakery in Chicago. Contest was split in three sections and the first section is the blue rai/roller coaster ledge flat setup and everyone really killed it. Hit play and enjoy in mad grind combos from Bruno Hoffmann, Dan Lacey, Broc Raiford, Tony Hamlin, Stevie Churchill, Devon Smillie, Timmy Theus, Nathan Williams, Chase Dehart, Jeremiah Smith, Sean Sexton and Dakota Roche.
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The Bakery Secret Recipe – Practice

Oh wow, here is a dose of top notch riding from a warm up for the 2013 The Bakery Secret Recipe contest, featuring Bruno Hoffmann, Dan lacey, Broc Raiford, Sean Sexton, Tony Hamlin, Stevie Churchill, Jeremiah Smith, Devon Smillie, Nathan Williams, Chase Dehart, Timmy Theus, Dakota Roche and Corey Martinez.
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Dan’s Comp “Roll Call” DVD Leftover Mix

Dan’s Comp Roll Call DVD Leftover Mix from on Vimeo.

The filming for the Dan’s Comp “Roll Call” DVD is over and on Monday, November 25th it will be available for you to get your hands on it, but until then, here is a rad leftover mix teaser featuring Broc Raiford, Ben Hucke, Shane Weston, Alex Magallan, Tony Hamlin, Tony Neyer and Trey Jones.
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Dew Tour Downhill / Streetstyle Practice

They once again built an amazing course for the Dew Tour Downhill/Streestyle contest down the Harrison Street in San Francisco and here are video highlights from the practice featuring Ty Morrow, Tony Hamlin, Morgan Wade, Gary Young, Chad Kerley and Drew Bezanson. Just amazing.
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Kink – Tony Hamlin And Dan Coller 2013 Split Edit

Kink’s Tony Hamlin and Dan Coller testing out the new plastic hub guards for the Boulevard and Incite hub guards in this new 2013 split edit, that just got uploaded to Youtube. Tony and Dan put the guards to some really proper use and make every single grind look so freaking easy. With plastic pegs and plastic hub guards, icepick grinds look pretty much the same as if you would be in a manual, smooth as a butter.
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Eurobike 2013 – Kink

Kink was also one of my stops at the Eurobike 2013 show in Germany last Wednesday and I was really sicked to see all the products that were shown at the show, from complete bikes and frames, to forks, brakes, pegs, seats and other goods. If I am honest with you I was really looking forward to see Tony Hamlin’s Solace frame. The frame looks really solid and I love that it comes with the integrated chain tensioners and in this new trans blue colorway it looks damn good. Check all the photos in the gallery after the jump.
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Kink “Squash It” Full Video

This is something you will be very stoked about it. Kink uploaded their whole Squash It DVD to their youtube channel, section by section and here it is now, ready for you to watch it. If you haven’t already this is a must, so don’t wait and start pressing play buttons above and after the jump and watch sections from Dan Coller, Chris Doyle, Aaron Smith, Darryl Tocco, Lloyd Wright, Ben Hittle, KC Badger, Tom Dillon, Chad Osburn, Sean Sexton, Tony Hamlin, Mix section and credits. Enjoy.
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Kink Woodward Week – July 21st to 25th

Kink riders Jay Roe, Chris Doyle, Tony Hamlin, Darryl Tocco, Aaron Smith, Ben Hittle, Dan Coller and James Steele along with Ft rider Jake Petruchik, will be at the Woodward East from July 21st to July 25th. Be there if you want to meet all these heavy hitters.