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Tables And Fables – Sprocket Promo

Liam Crivellaro three together this promo edit with Tables and Fables owner Tony Long to talk about the upcoming sprocket, to give you a closer look at it, along with a few action clips. This sprocket should be out very soon.
Update: Sprockets are out now.

Tables And Fables – Full Pipe

Tony Long and his crew of riders, Kevin Botch, Mike Pomerleau, JT Ahl and Brandon Christie, made a trip to western MA, to get a session done at this full pipe in the name of Tables and Fables. This looks tons of fun.

Tables And Fables Snake Run Mission

Tony Long and his T&F crew, featuring Pete Henkel, Brandon Christie, JT Ahl, Mike P, Ryan Lively and Chris Tardiff had a sweet session at this hidden snake run. Damn, this thing looks so much fun.

Tony Long On Tables And Fables

“For as long as I can remembers, Mass. local Tony Long has been a go-to presence on the Massachusetts scene. In the early ’90s, Tony was one of many fully padded Standard-mounted riders that shredded mini ramps and competed in the Maul’s Brawl series. And over the years, he’s continued to ride and give back to his scene. Several years ago, Tony started his own website dubbed Tables and Fables to document the scene around him, and in the above video, Tony shyly discusses his motivations behind the site.”– Brian Tunney, ESPN.
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