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Tony Neyer And Eon Verde Print Ads

These are Verde’s latest print ads, the above one featured Tony Neyer pulling a toohpick hangover grind down the rail and was featured in the 178th issue of Ride UK magazine and the other is promoting their 2014 Eon complete bike in blue and can be found in the 179th issue of Ride UK.

Tony Neyer ESPN Bike Check

Verde and Primo’s Tony Neyer built himself up a fresh new whip last month that you can now check out up on the ESPN web site, with a few nice closeup shots, made by Jeremy Pavia.

GoldPro Vol 4

Steve Croteau is back with the fourth installment in his GoldPro series featuring all bunch of really good riding clips and other random stuff from Garrett Reynolds, Tony Ennis, Ty Morrow, Jeff Jones, Steve himself, Augie Simoncini, Tony Neyer, Brendn Reith, Stevie Churchill, Sean Sexton, Gabe Brooks, Bruno Hoffmann, Ryan Runke, Brandon Kitson, Chris Marshall, Colin Varanyak, JJ Palmere, Vin Cripsino, Blackman and Kevin Kiraly.
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Red Bull “Ride And Seek” – The Scenic Route To Sparta

The fifth episode of the Red Bull “Ride and Seek” series is here, titled as “The Scenic Route To Sparta.” Corey Martinez, Garrett Reynolds and Tony Neyer got sicked when seeing the amazing motorcycles they will be cruising on and took the road to Asheville, North Carolina via this place called Sparta. Along the path they stopped for several times to get some riding done and ended the day at the camping place, eating veggies made by Corey.
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Catching Up With Shawn McIntosh

On the recent move from Long Beach back to his homeland of Oregon, Ride BMX caught up with Shawn McIntosh at this small skatepark to talk about Oregon, how he can get bored doing one stuff over and over again, filming clips with Pat Wang for Fit and more. Along with that, you will get a few clips from Shawn, Tony Neyer and Jeff Z.
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Red Bull “Ride And Seek” Episode 4 – Bike Week

In the fourth episode of the Red Bull “Ride And Seek” series, Cory Martinez tells you more about his shoulder injury, surgery and the road to recovery. Along with that, the crew, Cory, Tony Neyer and Garrett Reynolds get to know motorcycles a little bit better, visit the Bike Week and Victory Motorcycles. It is Tony’s and Garrett’s first time on the bikes, so it’s definitely going to be a wild experience, at least for these two.
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Red Bull “Ride And Seek” Ep. 3 – San Diego W/ Garrett Reynolds

Red Bull just dropped the third Ride And Seek episode where Corey Martinez heads to San Diego, California to met up with Garrett Reynolds and the rest of the friends to get some riding and filming done and of course to invite Garrett on a motorcycle journey from Nasville to Florida. So much good stuff in here it will blow you away. Do not wait people, watch Garrett and Corey along with others murdering every single spot they hit.
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Ride And Seek – Street And Park Sessions In Cali Ep. 2

In the second episode of Red Bull’s “Ride And Seek” series Corey Martinez head out to Long Beach, California to met up with Tony Neyer and Mike “Hucker” Clark to get some street and skatepark riding done, before Corey gets Tony on board for the motorcycle trip from Nashville to Key West. There is all bunch of really solid riding in here. Guest appearance by Shawn McIntosh, Ryan “Biz” Jordan and Morgan Long. It looks like it is one more intro-series to come, where Corey will be convincing Garrett Reynolds to join them on the trip and they are off.
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Red Bull Ride And Seek Teaser

Corey Martinez, Garrett Reynolds and Tony Neyer packed their stuff on a custom Victory motorcycles and went on an epic “Ride and Seek” journey of good times, riding, filming, camping and yes searching new spots along the way. Here is the teaser and with a group as strong as this is, big stuff will happen. There will other big names featured in here as well, but more in the teaser above.
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The Level Below “Chick’n Nugg’t” – Mix 3

The third mix section and tenth overall section from The Level Below’s “Chick’n Nugg’t” video, made by Jeff Klugiewicz, is all about Tony Neyer, Sean Morr, Logan Reynolds, Jeff Wescott, Jake Geisel, Timmy Theus and Brian Kachinsky. This is solid from the first second to the last and I highly recommend you to watch it.
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