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Shawn McIntosh’s Belated Birthday Jam

Shawn McIntosh and Primo teamed up to host a jam in honor of Mac’s birthday in Sunday, June 30th, 2013. Come, ride and hang out with Ty Morrow, Tony Neyer, Mac, Jackson Ratima, Anthony “Boy” Flores, Andrew Castaneda and Steve Croteau. Mark you calendars and be there in a week.

Tony Neyer Primo Wallpaper

You need a new wallpaper? You are at the right place. Primo has one for you from their rider Tony Neyer getting a double peg grind to toothpick grind and over done and you can download it, using the resolution that fits your screen the most.

BMX Trivia – Morgan Long Vs Tony Neyer

Alli Sports is already back with another episode of their Head2Head series featuring Morgan Long and Tony Neyer. Find out who knows more about the midwest riders, companies and other stuff. It is a tight one.
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Primo Tony Neyer WLT Tire Promo

A lot of stuff is coming out from Primo lately and I like it. Tony Neyer teamed up with Miles Rogoish to film this chilled promo for his signature Primo WLT tire. Nothing crazy, nothing wild, just putting the tires to some good use. And these also slide pretty good.
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Calling The Shots With Big Daddy

Now you know this is going to be wild. Calling the shots with Pat Laughlin aka Big Daddy at the MLK skatepark in Long Beach, California. Catfish, Tony Neyer, Gabe Brooks and other are helping Big Dady out with the tricks, so click play above and enjoy watching tricks you usually don’t see pulled.
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Dan’s Comp – Tony Neyer

Dan’s Comp Pro Team: Tony Neyer – More BMX Videos

Really dialed new web edit from Tony Neyer doing it for his sponsor Dan’s Comp around the SoCal street. This maybe isn’t the fastest of edits from this guy, but damn, some grinds moves in here are insane, especially that toothpick hangover on the high rail and last hanger to over hanger. Enjoy.
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Cult And Primo At Epic BMX

Cult / Primo at Epic BMX – More BMX Videos

Some of the Cult and Primo riders met up at the Epic BMX to shred with the let some fine time in. Chase Dehart, Alex Kennedy, Trey Jones, Tony Neyer, Andrew Castaneda and more rode the place and nailed some fine stuff done. Check it out.
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MLK Park “I Have A Dream” Session Part 4

Thecomeup is back with the fourth installment in the I Have A Dream sessions at the MLK skatepark featuring Tony Neyer, Craig Passero, Charlie Crumlish, Matty Long, John Hick and more. There is always something good in this edits, so click play and check it out.
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GoldPro Vol.3

Steve Croteau is back with a new GoldPro video, this time with a bit longer version, but I think everyone out there will enjoy every second of it. There is plenty of pretty damn good moves, all raw, what makes it even better, in here that you don’t wanna miss. Featuring Garrett Reynolds, JJ Palmere, Augie Simoncini, Ty Morrow, Steve himself, Matt Pendry, Aaron Brenner, Tony Neyer, Tony Ennis, Dan Lacey, Bruno Hoffman and Kevin Kiraly.
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Tony Neyer Interview

Ride BMX posted an interview with Tony Neyer to talk about what he has been up to lately, the move into a new place, Danps Comp, trip, Primo, future plans for this year and more. Go read it if you wanna know more about Tony.