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Long Beach Cherry Park Edit

Great night session at the Long Beach’s Cherry skatepark with Miles Rogoish, Tony Neyer, Timmy Theus and Morgan Long with guests Shawn McIntosh and Rob DiQuattro. Tons of fine ledge shredding in here, with a few sick stand outs. Enjoy.
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Shook – Youth Gone Wild

This is a classic but yet amazing Shook section, starring some of today’s top riders, Ray Romo, Ryan Vincent, Jordan Stewart, Karl Poyntless, Chase Dehart, Tony Neyer and Chase Hawk. It is sick seeing this dudes when they were still young shredders. Press play and enjoy.
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Tony Neyer In Pure Gear Commercial

Pure Gear is a brand that makes strong cases, waterproof, dustproof and splashproof, for iPhones. This is a commercial for the PX360 model, featuring Tony Neyer testing it out.
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MLK Session

A really rad MLK session with Rob DiQuattro, Tony Neyer, Timmy Theus, Jeff Klugiewicz, David Grant and others. This is the best part of BMX, hanging out with mates, having fun and shredding curbs and ledges, nothing serious, just good times.
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Tip Plus Shop Stop – East County BMX

Last Sunday, February 17th, Tip Plus held a shop stop in San Diego at the East County BMX and by watching this video, it sure was a damn productive day. Tony Neyer, Tammy McCarley, Dan Lacey, Ty Morrow, Anthony Flores, Raul Ruiz, Bruno Hoffmann and more where there, putting their pegs to use. Filmed and edited by Miles Rogoish.
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Tip Plus East County BMX Shop Stop

JJ Palmere, Shawn McIntosh, Tony Neyer, Ty Morrow, Timmy Theus and more from Tip Plus will be stopping at the East County BMX Shop in Santee, California on Saturday, February 17th.

Happy Hour With Tony Neyer & Van Homan

In 2012 Tony Neyer and Van Homan broke, one his tibia and the other his fibula and that happened just a week a part. Recently Tony and Van sat down with Ride BMX to talk about the injury and the recovery process. Please do check this one, there are some good tips in here, especially for all you who are pressuring to hard.
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Nigel Sylvester’s S.O.M.P. Jam Video

Usually Friday is the interview day at Ride BMX, but this week is not the usual day, this Friday is a video day. Watch highlights from Nigel Sylvester’s Standing On My Pedal (S.O.M.P.) Jam that went down last weekend at the McBride plaza. Featuring Morgan Long, Tony Neyer, Justin Henninger, Arnaud Wolff, Robert Dalecki, Anthony Watkinson, Cory Wiergowski and many more.

Tip Plus 2012 Yard Sale

This is a little documentary which documents Tip Plus’ first ever yard sale that went down last Saturday. Besides bringing out on the street all the Cult, Federal, Odi, Lotek and Primo stuff, they also made a fun looking ledge/rail setup for all the riders who came to shred. Featuring riding from Aaron Brenner, Chris Brown, Jacob Cable, Tony Neyer, Jackson Ratima, Shawn McIntosh, Miles Rogoish and many more.

Tony Neyer Bike Check

Tony still isn’t 100% recovered from his tibia break earlier in the year, but he sure started shredding his bike already. He recently built up a fresh new Verde and Primo setup, that you can now peep on Ride site.