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Cali Mixtape #1

Cali Mixtape #1 – More BMX Videos

A mix edit from SoCal’s park and street spots featuring Gabe Brooks, Tony Neyer, Chris Bacamonte, Morgan Long, Stefan Lantschner, Kevin Porter and more. Seen on Vital.

Tony Neyer On Verde

“Verde is proud to welcome Tony Neyer to the pro team. Tony has been a long time friend to many of us at Greenhouse and we are excited to have the opportunity to work with him on some new projects. Tony’s welcome edit is in the works so keep an eye out.”– Will Stroud, Verde TM.

Tony Neyer Off Sputnic

“After 5 years, I will no longer be riding for Sputnic Bikes. I’ve decided to part ways due to some new opportunities. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone over at Sputnic for all they’ve done and all the good times. I wish you guys the best. And I’m sure we’ll be partying soon”– Tony Neyer.

Neighborhood After-Hours Sessions

“Long Beach, California has been home to Neighborhood BMX for a little over a year now and in that time the shop has become a staple of the local scene. Here are some after-hours sessions that went down across the street with the shop workers and a few other locals.
Riders in order of appearance: Tony Neyer, Zach Krejmas, Ed Strong, Aaron Bostrom, Miles Simone, Travis Kiesow”
– Zach Krejmas.
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Tony Neyer Signature Primo Aneyerlator V2 Stem

Tony Neyer’s signature Primo Aneyerlator V2 steam is out now. You can get it either in front load version or top load.

The Hunt – Tony Neyer Teaser

Go to for more videos.
“Two legends in their own time team up to put out a full tilt video part, in full VX fashion. If this trailer doesn’t convince you that Neyer puts it on the line when he wants to get a clip then you’re trippin. Neyer’s riding is as real as it gets and Tony Ennis keeps the VX100 footage crunchy the whole time. This should be an interesting contest when the judges get out there pens. Will burly street or tech lines rule the game? Doing it for Sputnic, Primo, and The Trip this full length is about to pop off.”The Hunt

“Rare Air” With Tony Neyer

“In part two of Justin Kosman’s “Rare Air” series, Kosman catches up with Sputnic and Primo pro Tony Neyer to discuss Tony’s early experiences catching air on a BMX bike. Maybe it’s just me, but Tony’s appearance in this video reminds me of the Johnny Depp character George Jung in the movie “Blow.”– Brian Tunney, ESPN.

[Re-Up] Baker’s Dozen – Tony Neyer

TONY NEYER’S BAKER’S DOZEN from The Bakery on Vimeo.

Tony Neyer’s Baker’s Dozen part is now unlocked. You can now stick it everywhere you want or just take a look at it one more time.

Tony Neyer The Bakery Wallpapers

After recent edit from Tony Neyer which was made at The Bakery they posted up two wallpapers for you guys to freshen up your desktop.

Baker’s Dozen – Tony Neyer

It’s Friday the 17th and like it was sad, Tony Neyer’s Baker’s Dozen part is out. Really awesome to see that every rider, who made an edit at The Bakery so far used those objects completely different. Be on the look for the smith to tooth hanger.