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Total BMX – Chance Brejnakowski And Todd Meyn Calling The Shots

The second calling the shots video from Total BMX guys is here featuring Australian shredders Chance Brejnakowski and Todd Meyn. Now where to start. These two are seriously unreal. Chance with his super technical brakeless riding and Todd with some mad mad air-time shredding. It is almost hard to believe how much insane stuff went down in here. To bad Todd didn’t pulled that front-flip tailwhip, but it pretty much don’t matter. Other stunts are that much crazier. Total BMX must be really proud to have such insane riders on here team. Now press the play button above and go wild. I really can not decide which is my favorite trick. Can I just say all? Tell me yours in the comment section.
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Welcome To Poland Episode 4 – Damian Onufrak

The episode 4 of the Welcome to Poland series from Ryszard Syryczynski is here and it features Total BMX’s Damian Onufrak. Winters are extremely cold in Poland, so locals can be really stoked to have places like this to ride and to keep progressing over the cold days. Damian is an amazing rider and he properly mixes box jump tricks with technical combos. This is a must see.
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Total BMX At 2013 Dew Tour San Francisco

First and second at 2013 Dew Tour San Francisco dirt contest, Kyle Baldock and Daniel Sandoval and clips of them throwing insane stunts over those massive sets of trails. Total BMX is proud and so are we. These two are made and are no stranger to big stuff.
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Total BMX Product Catalogue 2014

Total BMX released a 2014 product catalogue to show you all the new stuff, frames, bars, forks, other parts and softgoods they are/will be offering. You can pick between Mark Webb’, Kyle Baldock’s, Alex Coleborn’s and Kyle Blake’s signature models frames and Mark also has his signature bars.

Total BMX – Kyle Baldock Killabee Frame

Kyle Baldock’s signature Total BMX “Killabee” frame

Kyle Baldock’s signature Killabee frame from Total BMX will be available at most worldwide destinations at the end of month October. Kyle has been riding and testing the frame (and won 2 X Games gold medals on it) for a while now and it will finally get to the stores for people to pick it up. There won’t be a huge run of these on the first drop, so contact your local shop or favourite mail order and make sure they will save one for you. For all the updates and stuff follow Total’s Facebook page.
Below you can find the official specifications:
Head angle – 75.5°
BB height – 11.75″
Stadover height (measured centre of BB – centre of top tube) – 7.5″
Rear length – 12.9″ (slammed – 13.2″ centred)
Lazer logo stay bridge
Removable brake pivots and tabs
Weight – 2.1kg for the 20.4″ TT
Top tube sizes – 20.4″, 20.6″, 21″

Total BMX “Killabee” frame

Chance Brejnakowski’s Total BMX Bike Preview

Here is a new Greg Phillips product and it is amazing. Watch Chance Brejnakowski building his fresh new Total BMX Hangover setup up and putting it to a serious test at a few different skateparks. So much skills and so much bike control Chance has. It is ridiculous. The 360 to double footjam tailwhip was dope.
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Mellon 7’s – Callum Emery

This time around we have young gun from Portsmouth, England, Callum Emery for you guys. This kid knows how to get a pikachu on a bus, had a pretty nasty crash jumpin over a small dirt jump and loves riding at Woodward West. Find more after the jump.
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Total BMX – Alex Coleborn Video Bike Check

Total BMX representer Alex Coleborn runs you through his 2013 hangover setup, that includes four Total prototypes, stem, cranks, seat and the 7075t pegs. All this and a few wild moves from Alex at the Adrenaline Alley indoor skatepark. Shot and cut by Chris Wilmshurst.
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Kevin Peraza Off Total BMX

Kevin Peraza will be riding now more for Total BMX, due to new sponsorship opportunities. So, I guess we will be soon posting which company picked him up.
“It is with great regret that we announce that Kevin Peraza will be leaving Total BMX as of now for pastures new, Kevin was on a contract until the end of 2013 but we agreed ti release him.
Kevin has been subject of multiple offers from other Bike Companies in recent times and this has only increased since winning Simple Session 13.
I felt I could not stand in Kevins way as his future is very important to us as Kevin is not only a riders here at Total BMX he is part of the family and we care about him no end. Our riders welfare comes before business.
I would mention right now that Kevin has been such a loyal guy all his time to Total, as are all of our team riders who ride for Total because they believe in what we are doing here and just love being part of such a talented team and family.
I would like to thank Kevin for all his support and all those smiles he has given us and all of those magic BMX moments, I wish him all the best and we will remain good friend and I will always be his Uncle Romeo ha.
Total BMX will continue out strategy of finding our own young talented riders and supporting them and the scene as we have always done, I guess at the end of the day we are Rider run and owned Brand and we cannot compete with the big Corporations come along.
The Total BMX team now looks like this with the recent addition of 12 year old Troy Hayward, we are still strong and are very proud of what we think is an amazing bunch of riders –
UK – Mark Webb, Alex Coleborn, Jack watts, Troy Hayward (18″ riderd)
USA – Daniel Sandoval
Australia – Kyle Baldock, Todd Meyn, Chance Brejnakowski, Andrew Ahumada
Germany – Paul Tholen
Hungary – KOnrad Szabo”

Total BMX – Jack Watts At Ghetto Shed

Total BMX’S Jack Watts is one more up and coming youngster, only 16 years old, from UK, who goes tech and goes big. Being a Ghetto Shed local means that you spent a lot of time with Mark Webb and this means, you will progress real fast. Jack has all kind of insane barspin and tailwhip combination on lock and also mastered a cash roll.
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