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Travis Hughes Skatepark Mix

Travis Hughes Skatepark Mix from chase stiles on Vimeo.

This new skatepark mix edit from Travis Hughes is bananas. Two minutes of straight fire and nothing else. Plenty of technical combos in here with one sick ender – 180 barspin to backward manual to 180 to tailwhip kinda (I can not say it a half-cab whip). So freaking good.
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Travis Hughes Vs Jacob Cable – Game Of BIKE

Travis Hughes vs Jacob Cable – Game of BIKE Battle – More BMX Videos

We are used to see game of bikes at skateparks or some street spots, but Travis Hughes and Jacob Cable need only flatground to get creative and technical. Hit play above and see this wild game of bike between these two young guns.
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Common Crew At Vans Skatepark

Common Crew at Vans – More BMX Videos

Common crew members Julian Arteaga, Justin Spriet, Travis Hughes and Ethan Corriere took it indoors to the Vans skatepark and went as technical as they can get. Plenty of crazy moves in here, but the last opposite barspin to manual to nose manual to barspin (to manual) from Justin was definitely the highlight.
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Travis Hughes On Kink Flow

At only 14 years of age, young Travis Hughes is killing it really hard and no wonder why Kink picked him up and added him to their flow team. I really hope there will be an official video introduction dropping any time soon.

Introducing Travis Hughes, 14

Introducing Travis Hughes – More BMX Videos

Wow. And I think my comment should end like this, but that won’t actually happened. Travis Hughes is a fourteen year old kid from southern California who’s skills are much higher than everyone else’s. For his age he can pull tricks than most of us can only dream about and that is no it, he can pull them in the opposite direction almost as clean as regular. Start watching this right now and get amazed.
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Common Crew Street Mix

Common Crew Street Mix – More BMX Videos

Young Common Crew riders, Jacob Cable, Julian Arteaga, Josh Barker, Evan Corey, Travis Hughes, Chad Bennett and Justin Spriet, coming out with a dope street mix edit. These kids are really good and if you don’t know who they are, you better start clicking on the play button above.
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Jacob Cable And Travis Hughes Split Edit

One of the best Common crew riders, 15 years old Jacob Cable and 14 years old Travis Hughes, recently spent a week filming around street spots of Huntington Beach for this fresh new split edit. I don’t actually know what to say about it, because it is just too good, includes too much crazy good lines and one of the best enders in a while. Must see.
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Travis Hughes Scraps Edit

Oh my gush… How can this even be scrap footage? Travis Hughes is only 14 years old, but if you watch his riding, you will never guess his age, because he is ridiculously good. Have in mind that this is “just” some extra footage from filming for his full edit. What will happen in his upcoming web edit? I don’t know, because after watching this one, I don’t know how you can even made a better video, with better moves. Must see.
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An Hour With Travis Hughes

When 13 year old Travis Hughes gets bored he packs his camera in the bag and heads out shredding streets. This was all filmed in just an hour. You know an hour for self-filmed edit is not much, but Travis still came out with a damn good web edit.
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