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Tree SB Power Cable Available Now

For all you who still ride your kids bikes with brakes, Tree Bicycle Co now has it’s all new SB Power cable available and ready for you and your bike. You can pick up this cable through Tree’s web store, but before you do that, read all the specifications and check a few more photos that they posted with the drop announcement.

Derek Nelson For Tree Bicycle Co

You just can not copy Derek Nelson’s style of riding, because all the moves he does are always ridiculous and crazy and at a time also weird (but of course in a good way). This new Tree Bicycle Co edit of his is a good proof. The fakie toothpick, all those gaps and creative moves and then that last move… Don’t miss it guys.
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Tree Bicycle Co Open House

Tree Bicycle Co is throwing down an open house party at the Plan Nine skatepark in St. Louis on June 29th. This is a chance for you to meet up and ride with Alex Magallan, Clint Reynolds, David “Bink” Seavey, Timmy Theus and the whole Tree staff crew. There will be several events during the day to win free stuff.

Tree Bicycle Co – Alex Magallan And Timmy Theus In Athens, Georgia

The Tree Bicycle Co crew took a trip to Athens, Georgia a couple weeks ago for the Twilight Jam. Along the way they did a few stops and filmed a bunch of stuff with Alex Magallan and Timmy Theus. I am not the biggest fan on the song choice, but I guess it kinda fits good with the riding. Enjoy.
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STL Pro 2013

Tree Bicycle Co presents you the second annual STL Pro park contest. It will bi happening on May 17th to 19th at the Plan Nine skatepark in St. Louis, MO. $1000 for the top spots and plenty other prizes for the competitors. Find out more about this contest on the park site and even if you aren’t into contests, go there and show some support.

Ride With Tree Bicycle Co

On Thursday, April 25th, 2013, Tree Bicycle Co is trowing a session down at the Plan Nine Skatepark, so if you wanna meet and ride with the owner, staff, team and friends, you better go there.

Tree Bicycle Co Shop Sale

You need to freshen up your bike or yourself? If so, guys over at Tree Bicycle Co added some products on sale at their web store, so make your way over there and check if you can find something for yourself.

Tree Bicycle Co Prototype Brake Cable

Take a look at the prototype Tree Bicycle Co brake cable that they have in the works. Their idea is to make the best cable out there. The cable will also feature Kink’s brass barrel that spins to prevent cable twist.

Bobbie Altiser Off Tree

Bobbie Altiser has been on Tree Bicycle Co for quite some time now, but has now decided to move on. There is no info on where Bobbie is going now, but you sure have something planned before you leave a sponsor. We will see soon.

Timmy Theus Welcome To Tree Bicycle Co

Timmy Theus hes officially joined the Tree Bicycle Co squad with this welcome to the team edit. Timmy has a smooth style, clean tailwhip and have some serious pop. Brakeless, pegless and freecoaster rider, showed us how things need to be served. Must see.
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