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The Daily Grind – Troy Merkle Winter 2013 Edit

Troy Merkle Winter 2013 from THE DAILY GRIND on Vimeo.

It is always awesome when something new pops out from Troy Merkle and his winter 2013 web video he filmed for The Daily Grind is a treat. Troy goes technical, but can surprise you with a wild barspin from time to time.
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The Daily Grind DVD – Troy Merkle Section

Troy Merkle’s section from The Daily Grind DVD is an absolute must see. Half of the stuff he does in here in on a completely different level. Troy has so much skills and bike control, just check all those rail rides, unreal. Especially that last move, murdered it.
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The Daily Grind – Century Bars Promo

This is not your everyday edit, it does not include big tailwhips or backflips, but what it does include is some damn creative lines. Troy Merkle and his imagination to promote his signature Century bar from The Daily Grind, which is available now. The rocket icepick grind with a barspin while grinding was rad, but there is plenty more randess in here. Filmed and edited by Tony Cherry.
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Flip Clips Six – Free Sandwiches

Almost seventeen minutes of goodness for you to check out. Featuring Ewip in Williamsburg, A pegless session at Ollie’s skatepark, Craig Passero skate section and a Daily Grind rail romp in North Carolina and riders like Charlie Crumlish, Tony Cherry, Troy Merkle, Rob DiQuattro and many more. Free sandwich anyone?

Tony Cherry & Troy Merkle Off Giant

Tony Cherry and Troy Merkle are officially of Giant. Today really is a crazy day and I am not really used to post so many sponsor changes, but withing upcoming weeks, there will be even more, because I am sure all these guys that we mention here and in posts below will be joining new teams.

The Daily Grind – Troy Merkle Fall 2012 Edit

Troy Merkle gets really original and creative on the streets for this new Fall edit he came out with for The Daily Grind. Most of the clips are freshly filmed, but there are also a few extra clips from filming for Daily Grind DVD. Make sure you also look out for Troy’s signature Century 4-pc bars next year.
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Daily Grind Merkle Bars

Here is a sneak peek of upcoming Troy Merkle’s signature Daily Grind “Merkle” 4-pc bars. These are made in the USA out of 4130 chromoly and are 28″ wide. Merkle bars can be cut to 24″ and still fit full grips. Right now Troy is still testing them and when they get his full approval, these will go to the production.

Daily Grind DVD Trailer

This is trailer for the Daily Grind DVD that should be out sometime in October. It will be featuring riding from Troy Merkle, Ryan Howard, Gremlin, Tony Cherry, Scott Steele and friends. By watching the trailer, DVD should be full of really good riding.
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Team Ohio Iphone Edit

Ryan Howard doesn’t use his iPhone just for calls and for messages, he always tries to film with it and here is a collection of clips he shot over the last few months from Jake Frost, Brandon Galosi, Kyle Murway, Nick Will, Scott Marceau, Torey Kush, Matt Skaggs, Gremlin, Tony Cherry, Troy Merkle, Troy Tunnney and Dustin Vogler.

The Daily Grind – Troy Merkle

The DAILY GRIND presents Troy Merkle from THE DAILY GRIND on Vimeo.

The Daily Grind presents you a new Troy Merkle edit, which is pretty much made of leftover clips from filming for Chris Arriaga’s full length project (no info on the release date yet). Troy always has some original lines.
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