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BSD – Chaz Mailey At Unit 23

It is style, it is red bike, it is red bike, it is BSD’s own Chaz Mailey going crazy smooth at the Unit 23 indoor skatepark. If you need a those of clean riding with some very original lines, you better start watching this madness. So damn good.
Filmed and edited by Dave Sowerby.
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Kriss Kyle’s Line At Unit 23 – Part 2

Another epic line at the Unit 23 indoor skatepark from Nearly BMX represent, Kriss Kyle. I am really wondering if all this was a first try, or it took him several goes. If you missed the first lines from Kriss, watch it now.
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Kriss Kyle Line At Unit 23 – Part 1

One really, I mean really really amazing line at the Uni 23 indoor skatepark from Nearly BMX’s Kriss Kyle. So smooth, so clean and so wild. And this is only part 1, I am wondering how part 2 will look like.
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Alex Donnachie, Jason Phelan And Kriss Kyle – The Nightmare Before Christmas

I am not 100% sure if all the stuff featured in the video is new, but even if it is not, all of the clips are insane and definitely deserve another watch. Check out Alex Donnachie, Jason Phelan and Kriss Kyle going all crazy at the Unit 23 indoor skatepark in this “Nightmare Before Christmas” video.
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2013 BSD Jam And Nearly 3 Premiere

Saturday, November 30th, 2013 there is going to be a 2013 BSD Jam over at the Unit 23 which will be followed with the Nearly 3 premiere. First amazing riding and later a video that I am sure will blow everyone away.

Paul Friel For Logan Garments

Paul Friel is an only 14 years old shredder and a Unit 23 local and if you put the age and the place together you know Paul is a shredder. At the beginning I didn’t knew what to expect, since Paul had some problems with fakies, but later kid impressed me with his skills and style. Truck drives, 540s, toboggans and much much more. Watch out for Paul in the near future.
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Nightmare In Castlegreen Street

Jason Phelan, David Budko, Kriss Kyle, Isaac Lesser, Greg Illingworth and other got together at the Unit 23 one day and this is what happened. I am not 100% sure if all this was filmed in just one day, but it doesn’t really matter, there are tons and tons of heavy moves in here and I am sure you will enjoy each and every single one.
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Euro Hostel

The title is pretty scary, but the video isn’t, actually, it is pretty damn enjoyable. I am not familiar with all these guys who are featured in it, but they made a trip, visiting Transgression skatepark and Unit 23, to have fun, ride and to escape the crazy UK winter. Here is what they managed to film.
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Kriss Kyle’s Living Room

Having Unit 23 for you living room is the sickest thing ever. Kriss Kyle has been busy over the past two days filming and testing the GoPro Hero3 with his pal Scott Quinn. Not the cleanest filming, but who cares about filming, if Kriss pulls a perfect wallride to g-turn. Enjoy the madness.
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Fabien Loaec Winter 2013 Edit

Fabien Loaec took a trip to the UK back in January to get some riding and filming done at the Unit 23, Queensferry and Rampworx. There’s quite some solid shredding in here, but the last tailwhip transfer and the nollie tailwhip on a vert wall are the highlights.
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