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United Day Backpack

Day backpack is United’s newest, animal and eco friendly with synthetic leather bottom to the fully pinstripe lined interior, backpack. For more closeup photos and all specifications, click here.

This Is United – Ashley Charles Full Video Part HD

United is back after a little while with uploading up on the web the last parts of their This Is United DVD. For today they got Ashley Charles’ section which includes grinding, wallriding, gapping, barspining and much more. If you by any chance never saw this part, you must watch it right now.
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Ryan Meiring Pedaling 1500 Kilometers

Now this is amazing. Ryan Meiring took United 2013 Recruit RN1 complete bike on a 1500 kilometers long journey across South Africa from Cape Town to Johannesburg to raise money for children with cancer. He completed the journey in just 25 days and managed to raise £8500. For a complete story and more photos click here.

Hubert Jankowski November Edit

Ireland’s United rider, through The Boardroom Shop, Hubert Jankowski hit street and skatepark spots around his new home of Cork. There sure is plenty of unexpected clips, like that up nose to flat nose to barspin or the huge kinked rail. Hubert simply killed it with this edit.
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United Touring Japanese

United is sending Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams, Christian Rigal, Ashley Charles and Matsuken on a tour to Japan in December, to be more exact, they will stay over there from December 6th to 13th. You can find more info on the flier above.

United Mothership V2 Frame, Mothership Bar & Dinero Forks In White

United added the white colorway to Nathan Williams’ Mothership V2 frame, Mothership bars and Dinero forks. If you are looking for a white bike, to match the snow, that this could be the one. Get more photos and info here or check how these look in real life by checking Nathan’s current ride below.

United Products In Grey

United added a new colorway to some of their products. They now have Ryan Metro’s signature sprocket, Squad alloy post, nylon post, hub guards and seat clamps along with Nathan Williams’ signature Nash cranks in grey finish. These look solid. Find more photos and specs here.

United Beacon XL Seat In New Colors

United updated their popular Beacon XL seat and now comes in thee different colors. Corey Martinez’s signature seat is now available in black/red kevlar and microfibre black or grey. Get a better look at these on this link.

United Beacon V2 Frame, Bar & Forks In Trans Orange

Corey Martinez’s signature United Beacon V2 frame, bar and forks are now available in this dope looking trans orange colorway. Get more info, closeup shots and basically everything you need to know about these parts on this link.

New United 2013 Recruit RNJR Complete

If you are a little to big for the 18″ bike and to small for 20″ version, that these all new United 2012 Recruit RNJR complete bike is definitely for you. Bike still uses 20″ parts such as wheels and forks, but with a shorter 18.5″ top tube length, shorter cranks, smaller bars and adjustable railed seat which will work for the younger rider and be easily upgradeable as they grow. Get more photos and info pf this bike here.