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2014 United X Etnies Recruit Complete Bike

United and Etnies teamed up once again to bring you a limited edition of the Recruit complete bike for 2014, making it in three different colorways, Nathan Williams’ signature, Corey Martinez’s signature and Geoff Slattery’s signature. Along with the bikes there will also come the entire collection of footwear and apparel, the United Colors of Etnies.
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United 2014 Complete Bikes Catalog

United threw together a catalog that includes all their 2014 complete bikes and all the details you need know before buying yourself one. Their 14 line of bikes will be dropping in August and bikes and promotional edits of the bike in the coming week. For now flip through the catalog and check what they will be offering.

2013 Ride To Glory – Team Trailers

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Oh look, this is a nice surprise. Ride UK will start with voting for your favorite 2013 Ride To Glory video on August 12th, but today they are releasing the team trailers. You can watch United’s above and Fox’s, Stay Strong’s, Vans’ and Premium’s below.

More BMX Videos

More BMX Videos

More BMX Videos

More BMX Videos
United: Dan Boiski, Luke Peeters, Tom Sanders, Jimmy Rushmore and Nathan Williams
Fox: Matt Priest, Lima, Leo Forte, Greg Illingworth and Russell Barone.
Stay Strong: Ben Wallace, Anthony Watkinson, Bob Manchester, Jordan Aleppo and Dan Bob.
Vans: Vince Mayne, Phil Aller, Pete Sawyer, Alex Donnachie and Gary Young.
Premium: Jordan Waters, Chris “Mole” Smith, Bran McNicol, Leigh “Sketch” James and Connor Lodes.
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United English Shop Tour Photos

Some of the United guys were on an English Shop Tour last week and if you didn’t make it to any of their stops, they posted a few photos from the tour for you to check out. Stay tuned for a video to drop.

United – Jack Birtles 2013 Edit

Attention, new Jack Birtles edit is here. United’s Australia connection shot all these clips when shooting for his upcoming 2020 magazine feature and damn, it is amazing. It has one crazy intro and overall tons of wild street moves and also includes some funny moments. And then that last gap to stairs, it looks so scary.
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Mellon 7’s – Eki Vainikka

Eki Vainikka is one lucky Finish shredder, since he didn’t have any serious injuries yet and we all hope it stays like that (we also wish all the best to everyone out there, injuries are the worst), but he suck at telling jokes. Still, he is a very nice guy and T1 ramp is his favorite place he ever ridden. Find more about this kid after the jump.
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New United 2.35″ Indirect Trail Tire

You are looking at the new United 2.35″ wide Indirect trail tire. They took the original tire, increased the tread depth, added extra cut outs and voila, a new tire for all the trails riders and for all who like super wide tires is here.

Matsuken United Dinero Built

United’s Japan connection through Zen Distribution, Matsuken, recently built himself up a fresh new Dinero setup and immediately took it out for a test run. I couple stylish and solid street moves were pulled for this quick little web edit.
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United – Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla At The 4Down Skatepark

On Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla’s recent two days long stop in England, he visited the 4Dwon indoor ramp facility, where he shred the ramps with his very original and unique style of riding. We don’t see much from Rooftop on the web lately, so I am sure we are all that more stoked on this one. Check it out. Seen on United.
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United’s Republica Del Ecuador Tour

United is sending Nathan Williams, Corey Martinez, Alex Valentino and Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla back to South America for the Republica Del Ecuador tour. They will be hitting the La Feria De La Bici event and spots around the country. The tour will be on from July 11th till 19th.