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United – Jack Birtles Dinero Promo

Jack Birtles is a United connection from Down Under and here is a promotional web video for the Dinero frame, along with Jack running you through his current whip and nailed down some hot moves at the Ride On indoor ramp setup. Very original and very wild riding will make you go wow now.
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Christian Rigal Signature United Frame Launch Jam

On June 29th, there will be a jam over at the East County BMX to officially launch Christian Rigal’s signature United frame. You know where you will be on Saturday that day now, if you live somewhere around the San Diego area.

Dan Boiski United Ad

Just spotted this new United print ad over at the 4Down Distribution web site featuring Dan Boiski getting a street move in for the 14th issue of The Albion magazine. This is what they(we) do.

New United Web Site

Take a look and click through newly updated United and freshened up web site, all the new products, including the new Rigal Frame, Rigal bar, Alchemist grips, Indirect Tyres and much more. I still can’t decide if this one is better than the old one or opposite,

United Thin Strip Withe Wall Tire Versions Sneak Peek

Fit started to bringing back the thin white strip wall with reflections (nightivision) tires and look what we have here, United is another in the game of strips. I am not 100% sure if this will make you visible in the dark, but will be available to all of their tires very soon.

“This Is United” Timeline

More BMX Videos
Along with the Dig issue 94th, The Video issue, James Cox gave them leftover and unused clips, second angles and more from the United’s This Is United DVD. It is always awesome seeing stuff that weren’t meant to get into the video, attempts and more. It happened many time that these kind of videos were actually better than the original one.
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United Indirect 2.35″ Tires Sneak Peek

These fat bastards, United’s new Indirect tires, size 2.35″ will be available in the next few weeks. If you are a United guy and you are looking for a new fat tires, wait a little longer and get these.

United English Shop Tour 2013

United is sending Nathan Williams, Kye Forte, Leo Forte, Jimmy Rushmore and Harry Mills-Wakley on an English shop tour, starting this time next month. This wont be the average shop tour, they are bringing Kye’s MBE events setup with them, so there will be ramps and rails to shred all the time. Mark your calendars.

Harry Mills-Weakly Welcome To United

A little while ago United announced that Harry Mills’Weakly is their newest addition to the team, already dropped a bike check with him and today is the day, they come out with his welcome to the team edit filmed at the 4Down indoor skatepark. Harry has a sick style and does things his own way, what we are missing in a lot of riders out there.
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Win Nathan Williams Setup From RTG 2013

United is hosting a big giveaway for you guys, where they are giving away the exact setup Nathan Williams is holding in the above photo and rode id during the 2013 Ride To Glory. It is open to UK residents only and if you wanna enter, make your way over to their Facebook page, read the rules and enter.