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Todd Meyn Off Urban Kreation

After the news that Daniel Sandoval left Urban Kreation yesterday, here is one more guy who will be also riding no more for them, Todd Meyn.

Daniel Sandoval Off Urban Kreation

Daniel Sandoval announced on his Facebook page that he will be riding no more for the Urban Kreation.

Mellon 7’s – Zack Gerber

It has been a while since out last Mellon 7’s interview, but here we are back with a fresh one. For this week we got crazy front flip and (now) flair to fakie drop down the loading dock master Zack Gerber. Find out what he has to say about BMX community, what joke he will tell you and more after the jump.
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Urban Kreation Pro Gloves

These are Urban Kreation’s new Pro gloves. They are made out of super soft kangaroo leather with breathable vented air holes on the palm, lightweight laminated Lycra for extra protection and secure strap to ensure the perfect fit. Make sure to check them out if you are looking for some new hand protection.

Desmond Tessemaker Welcome To Urban Kreation

Amsterdam trail master Desmond Tessemaker was just added to the Urban Kreation team and here is his official welcome to the team edit, riding The Bensink Compound and The Middenberm. The second trails are huge.

Urban Kreation – 30 Minute Ledge Session With Zack Gerber

A quick 30 minutes long ledge session in front of a hotel with Zack Gerber for Urban Kreation. I always really love to watch a new Gerber edit, because I know it’s going to be good.
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Urban Kreation – Zack Gerber

Zack Gerber – Urban Kreation Edit from urban kreation on Vimeo.

Zack Gerber gets thing done in this short little edit for his sponsor Urban Kreation at the Chenga 57 skatepark, with some regular and opposite grinds and a crazy flair to fakie.

Urban Kreation – A Session With Matt Ray

Urban Kreation- A session with Matt Ray from urban kreation on Vimeo.

Andrew Marfoli spent a session with Matt Ray to film a new edit for Urban Kreation. Matt nails down a couple big and tech park moves.
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Urban Kreation – An Evening With Isaac Lesser

Urban Kreation – An Evening At BaySixty6 With Isaac Lesser from urban kreation on Vimeo.

Take a look at what Issac Lesser, who rides for Urban Kreation, does in the evenings at the BaySixty6 skatepark.

Urban Kreation – Matt Ray

Matt Ray- Urban Kreation from urban kreation on Vimeo.

Urban Kreation rider Matt Ray riding the Ray skatepark. If you want to see some park shredding with some slow-mo shots than this is the one.