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Vans And Orange Juice In Malaga, Spain 2014

Since last year’s very successful trip to Barcelona, Spain, We Are Orange Juice and Vans Benelux decided to get a new trip done for 2014. They decided to send the team to Malaga, Spain for nine days. They sent Kenzo de Witte, Mark Vos, Thijs Vervaeck, Roy Van Kempen and Jorn Tuijnman. While in Malaga they met up with locals Antonio and Fernando Laczko and legend Ruben Alcantara who showed the alls the amazing spots country has to offer. On the trip they managed to film a huge amount of incredible stuff to get this Vans X Orange Juice trip video done. It is now available for the whole world to see it and I highly suggest you to watch it. It is amazing and it includes plenty of scary stuff.
Video was made by Tom Lammerse with help from Daan Van Citters.
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Anthony Perrin Welcome To Vans EMEA Team

Vans started flowing French street assassin Anthony Perrin back in 2012 and they knew from the beginning that this kid will progress and will make a name in the industry for himself. He sure did and over the years we saw plenty of incredible stuff from Anthony and now they are welcoming him to the EMEA team. From now on Anthony Perrin will be part of Vans’ European team and this his is official introduction. His welcome to the team edit is just as amazing as any other of his web videos. Super technical and super smooth with a really amazing style of riding. Anthony is killing is so freaking hard and I always get stoked when a new web edit from him drops on the world wide web. Kid is just good and he never disappoints. watch out for this kid in the future. I am sure we will be seeing a lot more madness from him. Hit play now and enjoy this beauty.
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Vans Europe – Martin Capek “Last Chance”

Martin Capek Last Chance from Vans Europe on Vimeo.

Unfortunately Vans Czech Republic rider, Martin Capek, had an injury last summer, but when fully recovered, he spent the whole fall hitting trails spots and managed to film this beast of an edit.
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Harry Main Welcome To Vans

VANS BMX – Harry Main – Welcome to the Team from Vans Europe on Vimeo.

We have seen the contract, but it wasn’t revealing all the details. Now it is official. Harry Main will be part of the Vans Europe team for 2014 and this is just a little something to welcome him to the team. Expect to see something proper in the future when Harry fully recovers himself.
Filmed and edited by Leo Baron.
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Vans France – Jeremy Muller And Nicolas Badet At Pontklyn Skatepark

VANS France: Pontklyn from Vans Europe on Vimeo.

Vans France riders, Jeremy Muller and Nicolas Badet, hit up the new Pontklyn concrete skatepark and these are the clips they managed to film with Alex Baret behind the lens. One shreds more transitions and the other rails and ledges, but both are doing it good.
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Vans – Davide Altobelli Edit

Vans BMX: Davide Altobelli from Vans Europe on Vimeo.

Vans BMX shredder Davide Altobelli hit up streets of Rome, Italy with Stefano Federici behind the lens and filmed this quick but very heavy web piece. That gap to pedal hang 5 was pulled properly. Rome has seriously big amount of super fun looking street spots.
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Tom Wagner 2013 Edit

Tom Wagner is a 17 years old rider for Vans and he sent through his latest skatepark edit. Tom has skills and a big bag of tricks and I am sure Vans is stoked to have him on the team.
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Monster Energy X Vans – Project Fusion

Last week David Budko and Ed Zunda made a trip to Romania where they met up with Alin Moldovan and spent a week shredding this new indoor ramp facility. All three did a really amazing job with their riding, what makes this one a must-not-miss edit.
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Vans Mexico – Austin Trip

Vans Mexico BMX Austin Trip from Enemy on Vimeo.

Vans Mexico team riders, Camilo Monsivaiz , Erik Garza and Kevin Peraza, took a trip to Austin, Texas, where they hit the Pflugerville skatepark and House park and did all bunch of cool stuff. Hit play and see what they managed to get on the camera.
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Vans – Woodward West Shootout 2013

Pat Casey, TJ Ellis, Gary Young, Coco Zurita, Alex Hiam and Ryan Guettler were representing Vans during the week long stay at the Woodward West, filming for the 2013 Woodward West Shootout. Quality stuff from each and every single team rider.
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