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Michal Mycek Welcome To Vans Poland

Michal Mycek brings out his chill and smooth style of riding, that includes tons of really good grinding combos and will make every peg freak stoked for his welcome to Vans Poland edit. He will be from now on riding for the company through Poland’s distribution Ave BMX.
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Vans – Behind The Brand

If you are a fan of Vans and even if you are not, I am sure you will enjoy this Behind The Brand video, that guys over at the Karmaloop TV did. They sat down with a few people who run things to give you a behind the scenes look at what the brand is all about.

“Vans is a classic brand in the skateboarding and fashion world. With virtually infinite color ways and patterns you could never have enough of them. They also managed to transcend action sports and make their way into a bunch of different subcultures. Watch as the Vans crew give you insight into the history of this iconic brand on our mini-documentary, Behind the Brand.”

2012 Vans Rebeljam – Flatland

Have you already forgot about the 2012 Vans Rebeljam that went down in Tosa de Mar, Spain? If yes, we are here to remember you how crazy it was. Actually how crazy guys at flatland course were. Click play and enjoy in wild combos from one of world’s top flatland riders.
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The Cult “Talk Is Cheap” Vans Premiere

Ride threw together highlights from the Cult “Talk Is Cheap” DVD premiere, that took place last Tuesday at Vans. Tons of riders came, pros and amateurs, to get a session done first and to watch the video in the evening.
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Team Eighties At Rebeljam 2012

It is time to remember this year’s Vans Rebeljam that took place in Tossa de Mar, Spain with Team Eighties rider Gabriel Mastragostino and Alejandro Alcojor aka Pitu, riding the dirt course. I really hope I will visit Euro Camp next year, cause this place is simply amazing.
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Classic Tales Featuring Cory Nastazio

Vans dropped an episode of their Classic Tales featuring Cory Nastazio talking about how he won a dirt contest in Europe, went on a party, drank some “water” and took back to the hotel with his friend two dude-girls. This is actually pretty funny, so click play and enjoy the laugh.
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Haro X Vans Limited Freestyler Shoes

This is a sneak peek of the limited edition Haro X Vans Freestyler shoes. This is a photo that Pat Casey posted up on his Instagram and shows you the two versions of these shoes, high tops and low tops. These are rad.

Odyssey X Vans Texas Toast Jam Shoes Now For Sale

Odyssey X Vans limited edition Texas Toast Jam Authentics were exclusively available during the event. If you missed them and didn’t got a chance of getting a pair, now is the right time to buy one. Odyssey has them available through their online store, so click here and choose your size.

Vans – Nicolas Badet

Vans’ Nicolas Badet scored an eight pages long interview in the latest issue of the Soul BMX magazine, where you will be seeing pictures of tricks that he filmed for this edit with guys over at Greenfilms. Nicolas rides with micro pegs, but can still nail down some next level grinds, especially when it comes to pedal/crank arm grinds. Press the play button and enjoy.
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Vans OTW Alomar X Chris Kong

“Hong Kong-based sculptor Chris Kong is the founder and owner of Garageworks Industries, one of the top vinyl toy production houses in Japan, the United States and Europe. This holiday season, Kong teams up with the Vans design crew for his custom take on the Alomar. Renowned for his vinyl creations under his Garageworks Industries and Made by Monsters labels, Kong presents his first footwear collaboration in a colorway influenced by ‘80s skate and BMX culture. The limited edition Chris Kong x Vans OTW Alomar ships this November to select OTW stockists.”Vans