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Vans “Classic Tales” – Dennis McCoy Watches A Lady’s Boobs Explode

Here is a pretty epic story from Dennis McCoy as part of Vans’ “Classic Tales” web series. It is hardly to even believe something like this can happen to you on a tour. Horrible crash, hospital, surgery, car accident, manager’s boobs explode and here is where I will stop. Hit play and hear it for yourself.
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Cultoween 2013 Vans Skatepark

CULTOWEEN 2013 VANS SKATEPARK from Cult Crew on Vimeo.

Here are video highlights from the 2013 Cultoween that recently took place at the Vans skatepark, put together by Veesh. Lot of riders, lot of costumes and really importantly, lot of crazy good riding. Enjoy.
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Vans – Tobias Wicke Fall 2013 Edit

VANS BMX – Tobias Wicke FALL 2013 from Vans Europe on Vimeo.

After twenty years of riding a BMX bike and after ten years on Vans, Tobias Wicke is still killing it so freaking hard and is going super technical. I can’t really believe all this madness was filmed in just two days spent at the Mellowpark, but it looks like it was. Tobias once again showed us that he is master of technical stuff. Enjoy. Filmed and edited by Alex Baret.
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Vasya Lukyanenko Welcome To Boomerang Boardshop X Vans

???? ??????????, ????? ?????????? ? ???????! from Boomerang Boardshop on Vimeo.

Vasya Lukyanenko is the newest member of the Boomerang Boardshop and Vans and to make things official here he is with a solid welcome to the team piece. Vasya is capable of many things and even if he is more of a street rider, he is no stranger to clearing sets of trails with a backflip.
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Vans Team Heads To Chile To Meet Up With Coco Zurita

Back in October Coco Zurita and Vans Chile invited Colin Mackay, Dennis McCoy and Jerry Badders to Santiago, for a weekend of demo’s. Three stops they made, Betterland School, Vans Royal Side Stripe event and Araucano Park and came back with enough footage to get this web video done. Check out what went down by pressing the play button above.
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Vans – Tobias Wicke Teaser

VANS BMX – Tobias Wicke Teaser from Vans Europe on Vimeo.

Not really the biggest fan of teasers for web edits, but hey, it is Vans’ Tobias Wicke who we are talking about, so get a little glimpse of what to expect in his fall 2013 edit. I know this is going to be seriously technical.

Vans Trails Mission 2013 Behind The Scenes

The video of the Vans Trails Mission 2013 dropped back in September (if you haven’t see it, watch it ASAP) and here we now have the behind the scenes look at where the crew went, what they did and more. This one is a good example for all you foreigners dropping videos in your language, add English subtitles and I am sure more people will watch it.
Filmed and edited by Bart Cautaerts.
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Vans UK – Phil Aller And Vince Mayne Split Edit

Vans UK team riders hitting street, skatepark and trails spots around the south of England for this sweet new split edit. Guest appearance by Vans UK team manager Jon Taylor and Vans UK sales representatives Darryl Charles.
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Vans Trails Mission 2013

The Vans Benelux team took a short trip this summer to visit the famous trails Belgium has to offer. Four minutes of proper trails riding, some went with style, some with multiple tricks, but everyone did an amazing job. Featuring Kenneth Tancre, Nico Vink, Greg Van Tulder, Sven Grieten, Sig Cools, Bart Mol and friends.
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Vans “Waves Tour” Part 2

Here is the second part of the Vans “Waves Tour” that happened this summer. The French Vans team, consisting of Justin Fouque, Antony Lille, Nicolas Badet, Nicolas Cambon and Alex Valentino took a trip to the south west of the country to find and ride concrete waves. Plenty of dope spots they found, but the two under the bridge in here are the dopest. Enjoy.
if you missed the first part Watch It Now.
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