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Vans Off The Wall Invitational Results

As you can see above it was Kevin Peraza who went home with gold medal from the Vans Off The Wall Invitational in Virginia Beach. Second place scored Daniel Sandoval and third Ryan Guettler, but I guess the overall winner was Brett Banasiewicz, showing at the spot where he went down really hard last year.

Haro X Vans – Crucial BMX Shop Stop

Haro X Vans Crucial BMX Shop Stop – More BMX Videos

Haro and Vans teamed to produce a collection of old-school goods and to promote it they hit a few shops around the UK. One of the shops was Crucial BMX Shop and here is a vid from a pretty heavy session that went down during the show.
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Vans Dirt And Roll 2013 Official Highlights

Recently the second edition of the Vans Dirt And Roll event went down in Jicin, Czech Republic. Dirt and Roll is not only a BMX event, but it is also a music festival that invites tons of good bands and tons of good riders from all over the world. Here are now the official highlights, brought to you by Vans and if you are a dirt person, click play and enjoy.
First place went to Corey Bohan, second to Dany Josa and third to Dusan Antalik.
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The Bridge Store – Kenzo De Witte Edit

Kenzo De Witte is one of just a few riders in his hometown of Ghent, Belgium, but even if the scene is not the biggest in his local area, he still is still progressing all the time and dropping rad edits, like this one, that he filmed for The Bridge Store and Vans. Big moves and technical moves. Enjoy.
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Vans US Open – Van Doren Invitational

Highlights from the Van Doren Invitational bowl contest that happened recently during the US Open Of Surfing. It was Steve Van Doren who was making hot-dogs, a lot of naked skin that was passing by and one of the best BMX riders who were murdering the course. This was not just a contest, but it was one hell of a party.
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Vans 2013 U.S. Open BMX Invitational Recap

Something more from the recent Vans Van Doren Invitational that took place this past weekend. Some of the best in the world riding this wild bowl setup, but it was Daniel Sandoval who got first. Riding from Tom Dugan, Rob Darden, Sergio Layos, Dan Foley, Brian Foster and others.
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Stefan Lantschner In Malaga Behind The Scenes

A quick behind the scenes from Stefan Lantschner’s time spent in Malaga, Spain at this amazing dirt spot, that you saw him riding in his welcome to Vans Shoes web edit. If you ever go to Malaga and you want to ride this fun looking spot, make sure you contact people over at the AGP BMX.
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Stefan Lantschner Welcome To Vans

Now this is something new. I didn’t knew Stefan Lantschner has left Nike. Well, he did and he already got a new shoe sponsor and it is Vans. I always enjoy watching Stefan ride, so much style and so much flow. Even if this guy is not a trick machine he always comes out with something damn amazing. You know you’ll love it.
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Ben Hennon – Welcome To Hideout

Nope, this video is not welcoming Ben Hennon to the Hideout, but it is the first look at the Ben’s new ramp facility called Hideout, brought to you by Vans. He was ‘secretly’ building the ramps and here is a web vid to get his personal introduction and words from Ben himself. Oh, before I forget, there is also some sweet riding clips in here from Hennon, so it is that much important to see it. Filmed and edited by Alex Baret.
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Mark Mulville Welcome To Vans

Mark Mulville is the newest addition to the Van team and this is his welcome to the team edit, that was filmed at the Oviedo, Florida skatepark by Ryan Chadwick. Mark’s style of riding is fast, full of tricks and tricks combos, airs and transfers. Guest appearance by Trey Jones.
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