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Dillon Lloyd Welcome To Vans

Dillon Lloyd has been working on his welcome to Vans team edit with Mike King over the course of three weeks and besides all the injuries, bad weather and Rambo marathons they filmed a banger welcome edit. Dillon not only goes really technical on the streets, but he can also bust some serious airs in the skateparks. The quick nollie truck and that tailwhip drop were ridiculous.
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2013 Ride To Glory – Team Trailers

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Oh look, this is a nice surprise. Ride UK will start with voting for your favorite 2013 Ride To Glory video on August 12th, but today they are releasing the team trailers. You can watch United’s above and Fox’s, Stay Strong’s, Vans’ and Premium’s below.

More BMX Videos

More BMX Videos

More BMX Videos

More BMX Videos
United: Dan Boiski, Luke Peeters, Tom Sanders, Jimmy Rushmore and Nathan Williams
Fox: Matt Priest, Lima, Leo Forte, Greg Illingworth and Russell Barone.
Stay Strong: Ben Wallace, Anthony Watkinson, Bob Manchester, Jordan Aleppo and Dan Bob.
Vans: Vince Mayne, Phil Aller, Pete Sawyer, Alex Donnachie and Gary Young.
Premium: Jordan Waters, Chris “Mole” Smith, Bran McNicol, Leigh “Sketch” James and Connor Lodes.
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Vans Dirt And Roll Final Results

The Vans Dirt And Roll contest went down this past weekend in Jicin, Czech Republic and here we have the final results. It was Corey Bohan who won the comp, Danny Josa who scored second place and Dusan Antalik who got third.
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Haro X Vans Collaboration – Dennis McCoy Promo

Haro and Vans went into a collaboration to release some rad looking products and here is the one and only, the legend himself, Dennis McCoy promoting it and talking about The BMX brand, Haro. Check the collection below and hit your local shop or go to Vans web store and get some old school stuff on yourself.

Summer Session At Vans

Summer Session at Vans – More BMX Videos

Broc Raiford, Josh Clemens, Bobby Holland and Thomas Butterfield threw a really proper summer session down at the Vans indoor skatepark in Orange, California. All the dudes went tech during their session and we like it that way.
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Cult Flanged Vans Grips Available Now

The classic Vans grips from Cult are now available in the flanged version. These grips are made in the USA by ODI and come in six different color options, black, blue, gum, orange, red and white. Hit your local shop, favorite mail order, or go straight to the Cult web store and get a pair.

Lahsaan Kobza For Vans

This new Lahsaan Kobza edit for his shoe sponsor Vans is all about good riding, good spots and good filming and editing. Chill song, but riding is nothing but chill. I really am a big fan of Lahsaan’s riding and I always enjoy watching new footage from him. Enjoy.
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Cult – Free Vans Grips On All Orders Over $50

There is a new deal over there at Cult going on for a limited time to all U.S. orders. With every order made over $50 you receive a free pair of Cult X Vans grips. That is cool, isn’t it?

Vans – Kilian Roth Edit

Kilian Roth is ripping Vans shoes and to say how thankful he is for their support he made a trip to Cologne, Germany, met up with Dominik Wrobel and filmed one of his best edits ever. Style, tricks, filming, editing, song, everything fits together perfectly. You guys should better check this one out and get stoked.
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Vans – Francisco “Coco” Zurita Edit

A few words from Francisco Zurita aka Coco at the begining (no Idea what he is saying) followed by some proper cruising around this concrete skatepark for his shoes sponsor Vans. Filmed and edited by Marco Bustos and Luis Barra.
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