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Vans X Figure – Adrien Lacomte Photo Gallery

You still remember how rad the Vans X Figure project video with Adrien Lacomte was? They now released a photo gallery with some really amazing photos from the filming, like the one above for example. Make sure you check it out.

Welded X Vans – Matthias Dandois “Dust”

Two Matthias Dandois edits in one day? Yep and this one is the one that you don’t see every day. For the launch of the Welded Studios, they dropped this awesome edit with Matthias, while he is all covered in dust. Impressive.
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Pedro Bras Welcome To Vans Portugal

Guys over at Vans Portugal added a new rider to their team and it is Pedro Bras. His welcome to the team edit is pure fire. From big 720s to tailwhips to barspins, Pedro simply killed it with this one. So close on that triple catch barspin.
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Vans And Metallica – Steve Caballero Meets James Hetfield

Man, how could I not post this one up? Skateboarding legend Steve Caballero meets up with Metallica singer James Hetfield at Metallica HQ. They took a quick look at James’ cars, talk about Metallica’s plans and upcoming album and Caballero’s musical influences when he first started skating. Enjoy.
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Kilian Roth On Vans

Vans Germany is happy to welcome 16 years old Kilian Roth to the team. Kilian will join the crew that consists of Markus Braumann, Markus Reuss, Daniel Juchatz and Senad Grosic. Expect more from this guy in 2013.

Kenzo De Witte Welcome To The Bridge X Vans

This is the edit that welcomes Kenzo De Witte to The Bridge shop in Belgium and Vans. There are several must-sees in this clip, but the double peg to gap double peg on rails down the stairs and last 720 cab were the two that stand out. Must see. Filmed and edited by Gimme Dat.
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Markit – Connor Lodes Welcome To Vans

Markit is proud to present you this welcome to the Vans edit, that welcomes Connor Lodes to the team. Connor has been working on this one for a while now and this final product is simply amazing. Connor style and smoothly pulled tricks and lines are all next level. What I also really love at this style is the helmet. With all that style you barely even notice that he is wearing it. Filmed and edited by Christian Rigal. Must see.
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Vans X Haro BMX Pro Camp

If you live anywhere near Orange, California you should definitely sign up for the Vans X Haro BMX Pro Camp, which is happening on April 5th at the Vans skatepark. There’s going to be pro riders over there and free stuff for everyone that sign up.

Vans – Ryan Guettler Dirt Edit

Ryan Guettler’s new Vans web edit is full of sick bacflip variations, “Kris Fox” style nac-nacs and even a double backflip to end the edit in style. This one was filmed at his local trails in Huntington Beach and if you like trails shredding and fast music I highly recommend you to watch it.
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Anthony Perrin Welcome To Vans France Pro

Anthony Perrin is the new Vans France pro rider and this welcome to the team edit is something that can be called next level. This guy can go big with 180 barspins and trucks, knows how to balance on that front while on wild setups and has a smooth style. Filming and editing is also top. Enjoy.
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