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Vasya Lukyanenko Welcome To Boomerang Boardshop X Vans

???? ??????????, ????? ?????????? ? ???????! from Boomerang Boardshop on Vimeo.

Vasya Lukyanenko is the newest member of the Boomerang Boardshop and Vans and to make things official here he is with a solid welcome to the team piece. Vasya is capable of many things and even if he is more of a street rider, he is no stranger to clearing sets of trails with a backflip.
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Red Bull Local Hero Tour

Not much informations about this one, but it is a web edit from the Red Bull’s Local Hero Tour and features their rider Vasya Lukyanenko along with other local shredders. Tons and tons of grinding and technical stuff in here.
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Vasya Lukyanenko Quickie

A quick new skatepark web edit from Vasya Lukyanenko, filmed and edited by Favi Alexandr. Everyone who knows anything about Vasya, Knows that he is really good when it comes to riding bikes and this new piece is another good proof.
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Vasya Lukyanenko Welcome To Big Toys

Vasya Lukyanenko is the newest addition to the Big Toys shop and here is his welcome to the team edit. He hit all bunch of awesome street spots and also Woodward and nailed down various sick tricks and trick combos. Vasya is one sick dude and is capable of many things. Enjoy.
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Vasya Lukyanenko Bike Check

Sunday Bikes’ Ukrainian connection, Vasya Lukyanenko, recently spent two weeks in the USA, to ride NYC and to hit Woodward. While he was over there he built himself up a brand new Soundwave setup and above is a flipbook, showing you his dialed looking whip.

Contact – Vasya Lukyanenko #1

This is some kind of a teaser for an upcoming BMX and MTB video project called Contact. It will feature the best riders of the country and here is a quick little piece featuring Vasya Lukyanenko. Relaxed riding, but we know how wild Vasya can go, so there will be madness going on all the time in this video.
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Red Bull – Vasya Lukyanenko Riding On Satellite Dishes Behind The Scenes

You still remember the crazy edit that dropped two weeks ago of Red Bull’s Vasya Lukyanenko riding the satellite dishes at Ukrainian National Space Center in Yevpatoria? Now here are the behind the scenes, where you will find out how this satellite is made and some riding clips. All this is subtitled, so don’t worry.
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Mellon 7’s – Vasya Lukyanenko

I first met Vasya Lukyanenko about a year and a half ago, while on a trip with Carhartt to Essen, Germany for the Apartment project. Vasya is a very chill guy, but when it comes to riding bikes, he kills pretty much every single spot, or just every obstacle you place in front of him. If you scroll down (or just click here) you will also see that Vasya likes riding wild and not meant-to-be-ridable setups. Now click read more and read this quick interview Vasya did for us.
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Red Bull – Vasya Lukyanenko Riding On Satellite Dishes

Red Bull’s Vasya Lukyanenko is known by riding some wild setups. This time he headed to the Ukrainian National Space Center in Yevpatoria and brought out his skills on those huge radar dishes. At a few points I really thought everything will collapse, but luckily nothing happened. This is wild and a must see.
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Vasya Lukyanenko Welcome To Lucid Brand

20 year old Vasya Lukyanenko from Ukraine has been recently added to the Lucid Brand team as their first international rider. Vasya has amazing bike control that you can check in the abov welcome to the team edit. The feeble to 540 was crazy.
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