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Matt Priest Going With Style Around California

If you like Californication television series, then you will sure like some BMX style Californication featuring English styler Matt Priest. Source BMX and Verde teamed up and send Matt West Side to escape the bad English weather. If your country sucks and you have bad weather all the time, took a trip to California, there is a really good chance you will have sun all the time. Watch Matt Priest above as he shreds concrete skateparks, pools, trails and ditches and makes everything look so gorgeous. It is always a treat watching Priest ride and this one is no different. I really wish this was a little bit longer. These four and a half minutes pass by like seconds. After a made this post go live I will definitely give it another watch. Maybe I blinked and missed something, who knows. Enjoy.
Filmed and edited by Johnny Elia.
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Verde 2014 Luxe Complete Print Ad

Brian Yeagle going with style over a set of trails for Verde’s latest print ad promoting the 2014 Luxe complete bike. You can find this ad if flipping the 182nd issue of the Ride UK magazine.

Verde Oxbridge Frame Promo With Lima Eltham And Matt Priest

Verde Oxbridge Frame Promo from Verde Bikes on Vimeo.

Two of my favorite UK stylers, Lima Eltham and Matt Priest, putting their signature Verde Oxbridge frame to some serious use at various skatepark to promote it and to announce it is now available worldwide. Four minutes of style and style only. Oh and there are a few damn technical moves in here for a good measure. You will going to enjoy this one, I guarantee you.
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Ride UK “London Calling” Cover + Trailers

Ride UK dropped a sneak peek of their new, issue 183 “London Calling” cover, where Dan Lacey gets this super rad curved double peg pulled. This issue comes with a free DVD, that includes sections from Federal Bikes, BSD, Verde and Wethepeople. Before you watch the actual DVD, check trailers for all four sections after the jump.
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Tony Neyer Verde Print Ad

Verde’s latest print ad from 181st issue of the Ride UK magazine featuring Tony Neyer with a sweet tooth hanger and the 2014 Radia complete bike.

Verde Oxbridge Frame Review With Matt Priest And Lima

Just came over this one and I am definitely stoked I did just in time before I am going on a trip. Verde UK riders Matt Priest and Lima runs you through their signature prototype frame, the Oxbridge and what is even better, there are some fine action clips along the web video for your viewing pleasure. Get all the frame details and a nice dose of style.
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Verde – Mikael Savolainen’s One Night At Suutarila

Verde’s Finnish representer Mikael Savolainen hit his local Suutarila street plaza one night, to get some stuff for the company done. The plaza is fun and Mikale fired out a few sweet moves. Eki Vainikka was the guy filming all these.
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Tony Neyer And Eon Verde Print Ads

These are Verde’s latest print ads, the above one featured Tony Neyer pulling a toohpick hangover grind down the rail and was featured in the 178th issue of Ride UK magazine and the other is promoting their 2014 Eon complete bike in blue and can be found in the 179th issue of Ride UK.

Tony Neyer ESPN Bike Check

Verde and Primo’s Tony Neyer built himself up a fresh new whip last month that you can now check out up on the ESPN web site, with a few nice closeup shots, made by Jeremy Pavia.

Verde – Ryan “Biz” Jordan 2013 Edit

Two pegs, rear break and a freecoaster, yep we are talking about Ryan “Biz” Jordan and he has been pretty busy lately stacking clips for his new Verde edit with Mike Mastrony, Will Stroud and Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla. A few high hops in here, some proper pegs stuff and also a good use of a freecoaster. Last double peg grind to gap over a rail with a barspin in between was sick.
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