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Viki Gomez – Tokyo Ride 2013

VIKI GOMEZ – Tokyo Ride – 2013 from sevisual on Vimeo.

Viki Gomez filmed this amazing flatland edit in one of his favorite places on earth, Japan, to be more exact, Tokyo. With this edit he wants to say big thanks to all his sponsors and community for the support and I am pretty much sure all of us are stoked about it. Enjoy.
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#BMXplore Tour Day 6 – Durban Bound

Quick video recap from the day 6 of the #BMXplore Tour with Red Bull’s Matthias Dandois and Viki Gomez, visiting Durban in South Africa. A sweet animal experience along with shredding some fun looking street spots.
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#BMXplore Tour – The Bangers

#BMXplore tour is a tour in collaboration with Red Bull, Matthias Dandois and Viki Gomez. They travelled down to South Africe to visit a few cities and to show their skills to the crowd and to hang out with other local riders. For day four of the trip they decided to drop a video which is a collection of clips that won’t be used in other video. Short but sweet.
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This Is Africa Day 3

The third day of the This Is Africa tour with Red Bull flatland riders Matthias Dandois and Viki Gomez. The hit up the city of Soweto, shredded the Library Gardens spot and did shows for the locals. The whole scene over there is super rad.
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Matthias Dandois And Viki Gomez – #BMXplore Tour Day 2

Video from the day two of the #BMXplore tour Matthias Dandois and Viki Gomez took to South Africa, visiting streets of Jozi. It is really awesome to see all the people going wild, while Matthias and Viki are going wild on their bikes.
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Viki Gomez – My New Ride Edit

Viki Gomez put together a fresh new bike, this time he went with a 20.75 top tube and it looks like it fits him pretty much perfectly. Right after the built up, he took the bike on a test and look at him, already learned a couple new tricks.
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2013 NORA Cup Awards Winners

The 2013 Texas Toast Jam is over and so are the 2013 NORA Cup Awards. Each and every rider out there had his own winners picked, but check below to see who are the actual winner of the 18th annual NORA awards.
#1 Street Rider – Garrett Reynolds
#1 Dirt Rider – Mike “Hucker” Clark
#1 Flatlander – Viki Gomez
#1 Ramp Rider – Dennis Enarson
Best Video Part – Garrett Reynolds’ Deadline section
Video Of The Year – Deadline

Viki Gomez – Riding Out There

Viki Gomez is constantly out on this flat spot learning new trick and of course filming everything, in case he never gets any of the new combos pulled again. Here is a fresh new one, definitely worth taking a watch.

Street Fight Tour Episode 1

Viki Gomez, Matthias Dandois, Red Bull and a few other riders took a tour around Barcelona, Spain and this is the first part of it. The tour is/was called Street Fight and it’s goal was to bring out motivation for the flatland and street riding.
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Viki Gomez – Magic Hut!

Matthias Dandois gave Viki Gomez this blue Red Bull hat (hut) in Italy and it was yesterday that Viki wore the hat for the first time and look what happened, a new web edit, full of insane and new flatland combos.
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