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Scrap! Clothing – Vince Imel Edit

Vince Imel doing his thing at streets and skateparks for his clothing sponsor Scrap! Clothing brand. From creative stuff to big stuff, Vince is not afraid of going big and likes having fun on his bike. Last toboggan drop was huge.
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Scrap Clothing – Vince Imel Trails Edit

A quick trails edit from Scrap Clothing’s Vince Imel doing it at the Omni trails. Nothing to seriously insane in here, but the edit is giving out good vibes and good vibes is what we need.

Omni Trails – Sunday Bloody Sunday

All the trails riders out there, here is something nice for you. David Long decided it is time to throw together the old and the new footage that was filmed over the sessions at the Omni trails in one piece and titled it “Sunday Bloody Sunday.” Featuring Jarrell Goode, Vince Imel, Roach, Roy Washington Jr, Dick Carling, Steven Walker, Chris Pixley and David himself.

Vince Imel Edit

Vince Imel has been working on this new piece for a little while now, but it was definitely worth the wait, cause it came out really good. It starts with hop over to a really big drop, but 19 years old Vince has no problems with taking such heavy impacts.
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Roulette BMX – Cody Duff X Vince Imel X Roach

The Roulette BMX crew, Cody Duff, Vince Imel and Roach spent four days filming around Fayetteville and Releigh, North Carolina and came out with a rad mix web edit, that includes mostly street riding. Are you on the come up? It looks like this dudes are. Check them out.
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Omni Trails Spring Session

Guys over at the Omni Trails recently threw down a spring session and here is a quick recap to show you what went down. Featuring riding from Vince Imel, Jarrell Goode, Tristan McColl, Chris Pixley, David Long, Juan Salazar. It sure was one fun session.

Roulette BMX – Sundies #5

Roulette BMX crew came out with the fifth episode of their Sundies web series featuring Eric Anstoetter, Vince Imel, Kyle Stercay, Vince Powers, David Long, AJ Strecker, Steven Walker, Kenny Cirello and Roach. There are also two scooter clips in here, but it does not ruin anything. Guys are shredding hard.

Vince Imel Edit

Vince Imel teamed up with his friend Josh Sinacori to film a new pretty solid street edit. Enjoy.