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Chillax – Winter In Malaga

Chillax riders Nico Bernede, Simon Essongue, Vincent Preuilh, Nicolas Dufaure, Maxence Oddone and Sebastien Da Encarnacion escaped the cold French winter and made a trip to Malaga, Spain. Of course they filmed a lot of good stuff and of course it is good and really enjoyable.

Chillax Riders

Fast music, puking, partying and some great street riding, yep, this is what the new edit from the Chillax crew is all about. Featuring some old footage, filmed in 2011 and 2012, featuring Nico Bernede, Antoine Debenest, Winai Kampheetoon, Fabien Gane, Vincent Preuilh and Simon Essongue.

Chillax Euskadi Trip

“Four riders of CHILLAX (Winaï Khampheethoon, Simon Essongue, Nicolas Bernede and Vincent Preuilh) did a trip of 1600km from bordeaux to different countries in “Pays Basquo”. Four guys in a little car with lugages, bikes and nowhere for sleeping, it was a crazy gipsy trip of 9 days and nights.”– Chillax Clothing