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Volume Bikes – #GETCREATIVELM Instagram Contest

Volume Bikes started a new Instagram contest where you can win yourself the Bermuda frame. All you have to do is follow them @volumebikes and then post a photo of yourself being extremely creative on a bike and tag it with #getcreativelm. Winner will be picked Friday, February 14th, 2014. Tate Roskelley is getting very creative above and so can you. Good luck.

Volume Bikes – Jason Enns “Then And Now”

Volume Bikes dropped a really cool Then and Now interview with the one and only, Jason Enns. Head over to their web site and see where Jason was 15 years ago in 1999 and what is going on in 2014. I am following Jason like forever, but didn’t knew all these details. Check it.

Michael Jordan Welcome To Demolition Parts And Volume Bikes

Volume Bikes/ Demolition Parts: Michael Jordan Welcome Edit from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

If your name is Michael Jordan it is obvious you will play with a basketball, but this Micahel Jordan from the UK isn’t playing only with basketball, he is also playing with BMX bikes. This is his welcome to Demolition Parts and Volume Bikes edit and he will be representing brands through the Elephant Distribution. Watch out for this kid in 2014.
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Michael Jordan Bike Check

No no, it is not that Michael Jordan, it is Volume Bikes’ represent from the UK, who is doing it for them through the Elephant Distribution. Make your way over to Volume and see what this kid is currently riding.

Drew Hosselton Volume Bikes Ad

This is Volume Bikes’ latest print ad featuring Drew Hosselton that you can find in the fifth issue of the ART BMX magazine. This shot gets even better when you know this spot is located in front of a hair saloon.

Volume Bikes – Rahdi Frances-Carter Edit

James Fox has been filming Volume Bikes’ Australia connection, Rahdi Frances-Carter, for about a month now and this is what the managed to get on the camera. Rahdi has mad skills, from technical stuff to big stuff in the air, this kid has plenty of hot moves on lock, that you will enjoy watching.
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Alex Platt Volume Bikes Wallpaper

Here is an opposite toothpick hangover grind down a rail from Alex Platt for Volume Bikes’ latest wallpaper, that you can now download and set for you new desktop background.

Erik Orgo Welcome To Demolition Parts And Volume Bikes

Erik Orgo from Estonia has been added to the Demolition Parts and Volume Bikes international team through the On Wheels distribution. Erik is currently working on a welcome to the team edit, so stay tuned and maybe we will see two, one for each brand.

Jason Enns Volume Bikes Ad

Jason Enns with a proper downside tailwhip for Volume Bikes’ latest print ad to promote his signature Cerberus frame.

Volume Bikes – Jason Enns Cerberus Frame Promo

Volume Bikes: Jason Enns Cerberus Frame Promo. from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

After 14 years of being on the Volume Bikes team, Jason Enns got his fifth signature frame, which is called the Cerberus. Through the years his riding changed and so did his signature frames. Here is now promotional video, shot and cut by Mike Mastroni.
“The frame features a steeper 75.25º head tube, Volume’s proven investment casted dropouts with built-in chain tensioners, full 4130 chromoly heat treated Sanko tubing, removable seatstay brake mounts, and a double butted front triangle with both top and bottom gussets. On top of all that, you’re also protected by Jason’s 3 headed dog…”
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