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Voodoo Jam 2013 Prejam Highlights

Videos and edits from the Voodoo Jam 2013 just won’t stop dropping. Highlights from the Prejam are here, made by Erik Otto and feature pretty much everyone, Alex Jumelin, Viki Gomez, Matthias Dandois, Tsutomu Kitayama, Tim Knoll, Yohei Uchino and many more. Enjoy.
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Voodoo Jam 2013 Pre Jam – Tsutomu Kitayama

You wanna see some more stuff from the Voodoo Jam 2013 prejam? If so you are at the right place, cause we are posting another one Rob Porter put together. This time from Tsutomu Kitayama who brought out his amazing and really creative style of flatland riding. You better not miss it.
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Voodoo Jam 2013 Prejam – Yohei Uchino

Plenty of clips Rob Porter captured on his camera during the Voodoo Jam 2013 pre-jam and Yohei Uchino sure didn’t get away from him, so here are a few wild combos from this Japan flatland rider. Check him out.
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FlatWeb TV Episode 30

In the 30th episode of the Flat Web series they check out Effraim’s Flatmatters Pick of the Month and talk about the 2013 Voodoo Jam, along with showing you some highlights from the Pro and Am classes and more.

Voodoo Jam 2013 Prejam – Viki Gomez

Who is down for another doze of flatland riding from the pre-jam at the Voodoo Jam 2013? Rob Porter was on it during the event filming just everything and he did not forgot about Viki Gomez. For three minutes of crazy good clips from Viki and this will definitely make you stoked, even if you are not a flatland riders.
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Voodoo Prejam 2013 – Jean William Prevost

Rob Porter already dropped a few clips from rider doing it at the Voodoo Jam 2013 prejam and here is another one featuring Jean William Prevost going ridiculously fast with his riding.
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Voodoo Jam 2013 Pro Highlights

Everyone who needs a break from all the street, park and trails stuff, here are nine minutes of highlights from the Voodoo Jam 2013 pro contest. World’s top flat riders came to throw down stuff mos of us can’t even pull in out dreams. Like all the other styles, flatland also came so far. Just enjoy. Seen on Global Flat.
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Voodoo Jam 2013 – French Lessons With Alex Jumelin And Matthias Dandois

Some French flatland lessons during the pre-jam at the 2013 Voodoo Jam that took place last week in New Orleans with Alex Jumelin and Matthias Dandois. When two of the finest French flatland riders are together you know wild stuff will go down.
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Jean-Francois Boulianne “Back Home” Edit

Jean-Francois Boulianne just got back home in Montreal from the Voodoo Jam that went down in New Orleans. For the first session he hit his local Chinatown spot and did some shredding for your viewing pleasure. One spot, one rider and plenty of awesome flatland combos.
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Voodoo Jam 2013 Highlights By Robert Porter

This past weekend the 2013 version of the Voodoo Jam went down in New Orleans and Robert Porter was there in the middle of the whole thing capturing all the craziness on his camera. People going wild, other competitors going crazy when others pulling tricks and riders going just insane. Get a doze of amazing flatland riding above and be amazed.
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