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We Are Park X Mellon Giveaway – Shank Gloves

We have once again teamed up with good people over at the We Are Park to host a fresh new giveaway for you guys. If your hands are sweaty during these warm summer days, or your old gloves are completely destroyed, then you need a new par. Here is a good chance to win yourself one for free.
Just hit our Facebook Page and get all the infromations how to enter.

New Park Gloves Shiv And Shank

Seamus Begley from We Are Park hit me up with their two new glove designs, the Shiv glove (above) and the Shank glove (below). This Shiv version is a classic one and the Shank glove is the “pullover” version. Stay tunned, cause we will be hosting a giveaway soon and give you a chance to win these two.

We Are Park – Christian Paterson Edit

16 years old, Manchester, England based rider Christian Paterson came out with a new one for his clothing sponsor We Are Park. Christian is still a young gun, but he can shred ramps like a master. Hit play and enjoy in some UK shredding.
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Mellon X We Are Park Giveaway

For our new giveaway we teamed up with guys over at We Are Park to give away a Shred zipper hoodie and a custom beanie. All you have to do is like Wearepark and Mellon Facebook pages and like and share this photo.

Mellon 7’s – Christian Paterson

For the second week of 2013 we sat down with 16 years old, Manchester, England based rider Christian Paterson. Christian is representing Wearepark, Heatsinbikes and Condemnedbikeco and likes shredding transitions of Rampworx indoor skatepark. Take a read after the jump and thanks Christian for all those kind words.
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Mellon 7’s – Jack Watts

For this week we caught up with young Portsmouth, England based skatepark rider Jack Watts. Jack is known by his ridiculous barspin and tailwhip combinations and pretty much for killing it all the freaking time. Click read more to read what Jack has to say about BMX community, about our page and more.
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Anthony McGuirk On We Are Park

The We Are Park crew is getting bigger and bigger within every week. They just added Anthony McGuirk, as their latest addition to their team. Anthony joined Dan Shepo, Josh Crosswell, Jack Watts, Declan Brooks and Angus Gough.

Three New Riders On We Are Park

England based apparel company We Are Park added three new riders to their team, Aaron Nicholson Dan Shepo and Josh Crosswell. They joined Jack Watts, Declan Brooks, and Angus Gough. The team is getting bigger and bigger. Does this mean that we will be seeing three welcome to the team edits? Hope so.