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We Made It – A Quickie At Glendale Skatepark

The We Made It crew dropped this sweet quick edit from a session they had at the Glendale skatepark in Phoenix, Arizona. Riding from Glen Girbovan, Jourdan Barba, Clay Johnson, Dan Norvell and Robbie Owen.
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We Made It – Calling The Shots

Pretty cool Calling The Shots video Chris Bracamonte put together for the We Made It, from a day spent cruising around Venice Beach with Tom Villarreal, Jackson Ratima, Miles Simone and more. Hit play and check a wild girl doing some stunts on roller skates along with all the awesome riding.
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We Made It – Hollywood

Smoking, drinking and cruising around Hollywood, hitting different streets spots is what We Made It crew recently did.

We Made It – High Five With Raul Ruiz

We mad It is back with a new installment in their High Five web series. This time it is all about Raul Ruiz getting things done at the Lincoln skatepark. Even if Raul is street guy, this is one solid and technical concrete skatepark edit.
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We Made It – Fenced In Fridays

Over the course of past couple of weekends, We Made It collected tons of good clips at the G Park from locals shredding and murdering the place. Featuring Kyle Hirayama, JP, Nico, Erick, Mauricio Robles, Kent Hirayama, Lucio Martinez, Egor Kireev, Ben Ward, Jeff Z and Raul Ruiz.
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We Made It – High 5 With David Canary

A new installment in We Made It’s High 5 featuring David Canary doing it at the Santa Barba cocnrete skatepark, while Nate Richter is there, capturing everything on his camera.
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We Made It – Serious Session At Vans

The We Made IT Crew took a trip to the Vans skatepark and since the session was pretty serious, they decided to film some stuff with an iPhone. I don’t know who the kid at the beginning is, but I sure wanna see more from him.

We Made It – High 5 With Flo Saint Simon

We Made It crew came out with a fresh new five clips edit, this time with Flo Saint Simon getting things done at the Ghetto skatepark in Long Beach, California. Short but good is all you need to know about this one.

We Made It – High 5 With Tyler Fernengel

Nate Richter met up with Tyler Fernengel in Long Beach at the Houghton concrete skatepark to get a High 5 edit done in the name of We Made It. It is only a minute and Tyler is only 16 years old, but this is still a pretty heavy edit.
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