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Stranger – People Vs. Things

I must admit, I was really waiting for some time now for some fresh new stuff from the Stranger guys. Here is their first ever mixtape. Fourteen minutes of must-not-to-be-missed shredding from Rich Hirsch, Eli Taylor, Zach Krejmas, Charlie Crumlish, Eric Bahlman, Bobby Kanode, Jesse Whaley, Wolfman, Jake Muras, Matt Barchus, Wes McGrath and Craig Passero. Enjoy.
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Zack Gerber G-Park Session

“You can’t ever go wrong with some fresh Zack Gerber footage. Over the years he’s managed to come through time and time again with so many dialed edits. This one is no different. Nate Richter caught up with him at the G-Park in Highland Park, California for a session. Raul Ruiz, Wes McGrath and Devin Denium got in on the session and clocked a few clips as well. Check out what went down in this new Original!”The Union
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