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Jordan Waters – Park Jibs For Wethepeople

Just a sweet and short clip from Wethepeople rider Jordan Waters getting a few jibs done in midweek at this concrete skatepark in Leeds, UK. This web piece from Jordan is a really good example how you do not need to go all mad and insane with your riding for an edit to make cool. Even if this one is less than a minute long, it is still a nice little watch. Do not bother yourself too much, just and enjoy and have fun on you bike, doing what you like. Just like Jordan Waters is doing. Boom, hit play and see what he nailed down for you people out there.
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Maxime Charveron Bike Check

Make your way over to the Wethepeople web site to check out what Maxime Charveron is currently riding. This Frenchmen knows how to make bike look dialed and his black whip is a perfect example.

Wethepeople “Trippin North” Tour

Wethepeople riders, Marcas Grubbs, Mikey Tyra, Brandon Begin, Andrew Jackson and Raul Ruiz, are going on the road again. This time they are heading North, starting January 21st, 2014. Follow their Instagram and check #wtptrippinnorth for updates.

Wethepeople – Patrick Henson Edit

Patrick Henson for WeThePeople from wemakethings on Vimeo.

Wethepeople rider Patrick Henson is currently on a year long adventure in Australia, searching and exploring the place and trying to get the most out of it. In between all that he also managed to stack a clip here and there to get a new web video out. This is it.
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Wethepeople “5 First Tries On A Rail” – Jordan Waters

Jordan Waters headed to the Works indoor skatepark in Leeds, England where he nails down five first tries on a rail for Wethepeople. It is hard to pull everything first try, but all the pulled one are dope.
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Mike Curley Bike Check

Make your way over to the Wethepeople web site to check out how Mike Curley’s current bike looks like. No parts list, just close up photos of his setup, but if you are a fan of Wethepeople and Eclat you will have no problems guessing all the parts Mike is running.

Wethepeople – Rain Or Shine Full Video

WETHEPEOPLE: Rain Or Shine Full Video from wemakethings on Vimeo.

We were all waiting for Wethepeople’s “Rain Or Shine” full video to drop and here it finally is, ready for the whole world to see it. Moritz Nussbaumer, Oli Landgraf, Dima Prykhodko, Peter Sawyer, Mike Curley and Max Gaertig were hitting places all around Europe no matter the weather. 16 minutes of goodness, so seat back, grab a quick snack and enjoy it.
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WTP “Rain Or Shine” Slam Teaser

New video from the Wethepeople guys is dropping on the web next week, December 17th, 2013, and to give out a little more than just a teaser, they now dropped a second teaser for the video, which is all about slams and bails. If you are into this stuff you will get a nice dose of some bad and some not so bad crashes.
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Ride UK “London Calling” Cover + Trailers

Ride UK dropped a sneak peek of their new, issue 183 “London Calling” cover, where Dan Lacey gets this super rad curved double peg pulled. This issue comes with a free DVD, that includes sections from Federal Bikes, BSD, Verde and Wethepeople. Before you watch the actual DVD, check trailers for all four sections after the jump.
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Liam Vance Welcome To Wethepeople

Liam vance welcome to WeThepeople from Harry Mills-Wakley on Vimeo.

This new plaza at the Rampworx indoor ramp facility is getting really popular. Liam Vance threw one night filming session over there with Harry Mills-Wakley to get a welcome to the team edit done for his new sponsor, Wethepeople, for which he will be riding through Alan’s BMX and Cycling Sports Group.
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