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2012 Freedom BMX Rider Of The Year Winners

The 2012 Freedom BMX Rider Of The Year nomination recently went down in Cologne, Germany and now we have the winner of each category. Check who won below.
Best International Rider – Harry Main
Best Flatland Rider – Waldemar Fatkin
Best Dirt Rider – Simon Moratz
Best Park Rider – Daniel Tünte
Best Street Rider – Bruno Hoffmann
Best Skatepark – Mellowpark
Best BMX Brand – Wethepeople

Mike Curley Power Hour

Power Hour: Mike Curley – More BMX Videos

Wethepeople’s England shredder Mike Curley serves us with a big amount of crazy good technical moves, from nose manuals, hang 5s to whips, back wheel moves and more and all just in a course of one hour. From all those clean lines I must say that my favorite one was the pedal hang 5 to whiplash (maybe becasue I haven’t seen it before, or I just can not remember). Must see.
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Wethepeople – Brandon Begin

Brandon Begin gets his pegs to use and throws his bars the opposite direction as clean as possible, for the solid new web edit he filmed for Wethepeople and is exclusively premiered up on the TCU. If you want to see one of the smoothest crooked grinds down kinked rail you need to click play above.
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Phil Barlett – Brithday Edit

It was Phil Barlett’s birthday and he managed to film all this clip just in time for this Birthday Edit, for his sponsors Ten Pack Distribution and Wethepeople. Phil has a solid street style of riding, full of grinds, but also gets a 360 and a talwhip done here and there.

Ola Selsjord 2012 Edit

Ola Selsjord from Oslo, Norway who is shredding for Wethepeople through Brown Couch, came out with a pretty much mind blowing web edit, pulling some serious and wild stuff at this indoor skatepark. The line with barspin to icepick to manual to nose manual to barspin was solid.
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The Best Camera Is The One You Still Have

Wethepeople’s Jason Phelan, Mike Curley and Fooman on a trip from Paris to Cologne to promote the Dawn frame. While on a trip, Will’s camera equipment got stolen and all that they had left was iPhones and super 8 camera. Sometimes you just don’t need top camera and flashes, sometimes all you need is what you have with you at that exact moment. Anyway, they managed to film this pretty damn cool edit, that you definitely don’t wanna miss.
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Wethepeople – Pete Sawyer 5 Clips

Five really solid clips from Wethepeople rider Pete Sawyer, filmed by Chester Blacksmith. Sometimes you just don’t need a cool song and putting various effects to make an edit look good, sometime raw is much better. I wouldn’t mind if this one was two or three minutes long.
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Wethepeople 2013 Curse Complete Bike Ad

This is Wethepeople’s latest print ad featuring their all new complete bike on the market, the 2013 Curse complete. This one is for young shredders out there, having a 20″ top tube, or for those ho just like small bikes.

Wethepeople – Marcas Grubbs “No Place Like Home”

Wethepeople’s Marcas Grubbs recently made the move to Portland, Oregon, where he quickly hit some fun looking street spots and filmed this new web edit. Marcas has some technical front wheel skills, but also knows how to pull a proper barspin or whip combo.
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Wethepeople – Under The Bridge

Martin Mahlert tells you a wild and strange story about this under the bridge spot that is located in Bonn, Germany, the small bumps that we saw in so many edits before. If you are a good person, there will sure be time when you will get repaid for what you did.