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Pete Sawyer Bike Check

Pete Sawyer has a bike check up on the Wethepeople web site showing you his signature Sterling setup mixed with Eclat and Merritt parts. Oh, and Pete also did the paint job all by himself.

2013 Wethepeople Autumn Session Highlights

We have seen some stuff from the 2013 Wethepeople Autumn Session that went down at the Skatehall in Trier, Germany, but here are now video highlights, brought to you by Freedom BMX, from the whole day, including all the best moves. Featuring Kilian Roth, Daniel Tünte, Marcel Gans, Carlo Hoffmann, Felix Prangenberg and more.
First place went to Daniel Tünte, second to Felix Prangenberg and third to Michael Meisel.
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Wethepeople – Mike Curley Raw Clips

A few extremely technical raw clips from Wethepeople rider, Mike Curley, at the WTP Autumn Session that recently went down in Trier, Germany. He ended up being 4th, but still, all the clips in here are pretty much a must see. Filmed by Max Gaertig.
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6 Questions With Mike Curley

Wethepeople dropped a quick, 6 questions interview, with Mike Curley, about filming, getting angry if trick takes forever to pull, web edits or DVDs that get him pumped on riding and more.

Wethepeople – Raul Ruiz Quickie

A quick new piece from Wethepeople rider Raul Ruiz, filmed in just one day by John Hicks. Nothing to crazy and insane in here, but there sure is a lot of style in the edit. Peep it. Seen on TCU.
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Andrew Jackson Wethepeople Poster

If you were at Interbike 2013 and you visited Wethepeople booth, you probably got yourself the all new poster with Andrew Jackson on the front side and their 2014 complete bikes on the back. If you haven’t at least check it out now.

Interbike 2013 By Ride BMX Part 4

This time around Ride BMX has been focused on the We Make Things people, so what that means is that you will be seeing the completely new footwear line from Almond and new Eclat and Wethepeople products. Along with that they also hit up Tony Malouf to talk about the new version of his signature BSD frame. Check more after the jump.
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Wethepeople Is Bringing Back The Supreme Hub

Hear it from Wethepeople’s Chester Blacksmith about the old new Supreme hub, that they are bringing back to the game. This is a reversible hub that you will be able to run either left hand drive or right hand drive. For all the other features this hub will be offering, click play above.

The WTP Smuggler Seat Preview

A quick little preview of the new and upcoming Wethepeople Smuggler seat, that should be available in October this year. At first this seat looks like a normal pivotal seat, but it is not. It has a hidden pocket in the back, where you will get 5 and 6 mm allen key with 8 mm adaptor. Along with the seat, they also want to show you the new pivotal seat post with an 17 mm socket at the end. With the seat and seat post you can pretty much build up your whole bike.
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WTP Autumn Session – Moritz Nussbaumer

From October 5th to 6th Wethepeople will be hosting the Autumn Session jam at the Skatehalle in Trier, Germany. To promote the event, Moritz Nussbaumer and Dominik Wrobel got together to film a few lines at the park. For a promo video this is really heavy. Moritz is a very skilled young Germany rider.
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