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Max Gaerting Wethepeople Ad, The Albion 15

Max Gaertig getting a wallride over the rail down the stairs done for the new Wethepeople print ad, shot by Hadrien Picard. This ad from the 15th issue of The Albion magazine.

Eurobike 2013 – Wethepeople

I didn’t actually knew I managed to shot 71 photos over at the Wethepeople booth at Eurobike 2013 show in Friedrichschafen, Germany, but I did and they are now all on the site ready for you to check out. From complete bikes and signature model frames to forks, bars, pivotal seats and other amazing goods. My eyes were focused on the new pivotal seat with a zipper at the back to hide all your secrets, the 2014 Envy complete bike and the 24 incher. I was also really amazed by the quality of all their complete bikes that were shown at the booth. You know Wethepeople always makes amazing complete bikes and this line is no different. Check out what hard goods WTP showed us over there after the jump.
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Wethepeople – The Royal Cranks

Get a closer look at the Wethepeople Royal Cranks and one wild clip from Chester Blacksmith, putting cranks to the test. If cranks hold the WTP team, you know you can’t get wrong with buying these. If you need more details and closeup shots, visit Royal Cranks’ product page.

Brandon Begin Bike Check

Brandon Begin, Wethepeople bike check

There are photos over on the Wethepeople site of Brandon Begin’s The Sterling setup in 21″. There is also one riding photo there for a good measure, so check it out and see what Brandon is riding.

A Day In LA With Andrew Jackson

Here is a quick look in what a random day in the life of Andrew Jackson looks like. Pretty much cruising around Los Angeles through the whole day, pulling ridiculous hops and other rad stuff. Guest appearance by his Wethepeople team mate Raul Ruiz. Seen on TCU. Filmed and edited by John Hicks.
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Wethepeople 2014 Complete Bikes

Wethepeopel dropped a flipbook to show the world all their 2014 complete bikes, from those little ones for the little guys, to 20 inchers and also the bigger versions, 24″. I am quite sure there is something for everyone in Wethepeople’s new range of complete bikes, so flip through it and check out what suits you best.

Wethepeople – John Alden Two Weeks In Vancouver

John Alden is a Wethepeople rider through Ten Pack Distribution and here is an edit he filmed over the course of two weeks spent in Vancouver, Canada. John has a really rad brakeless, pegless style of riding and a big bag of tricks. Dude is good and I guarantee you, you’ll enjoy it. Filmed and edited by Andrew Schubert.
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Wethepeople – Brandon Begin Edit

Wethepeople’s young gun Brandon Begin coming out really hot (so hot I think I will burn) wit this fresh new piece. There are some moves in here that you probably haven’t seen before, like that walltap to fakie smith to 180 to smith, or that last full-cab to icepick. Dude is a shredder.
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Dale Armstrong Welcome To Wethepeople

You still remember the insane drop Dale Armstrong tried a couple months ago? For the intro of his welcome to Wethepeople edit it is show one more time and I just don’t know what got him thinking to even try this out. Anyways, his welcome edit is packed with solid UK style street riding and includes a few really long nose manual and several crazy grind combos. Filmed and edited by Alex Crane.
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Franta Marsalek Video Bike Check

Wethepeople rider through TBB Bike in Czech Republic, Franta Marsalek, runs you through his current Scorpio setup and lays down tons of good moves at two different skateparks and trails. Lucky you if you understand what he is saying, but for all you (us) who don’t, wait till the riding starts.
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